Little Kid Calls The Police To Arrest The Grinch For Trying To Steal Christmas

Today we have a wholesome story to show you that will remind you about how magical the Christmas Holidays used to be when you were a kid. Our story focuses on a little boy named TyLon Pittman who saw a movie about the Grinch and was terrified that the green man might steal Christmas. Without giving it any second thought, the little boy called the 911 to arrest the Grinch. Your heart will melt after you see how the police reacted to this 911 call.

20. Christmas Holidays

The Christmas Holidays are a special time of the year when everyone gets together and enjoys some precious family time. Magic is in the air during Christmas and this is why everyone loves it.

19. Presents

Children are the ones who love Christmas the most because Santa brings them presents. However, there is still one guy that hates Christmas more than anything in the world and he would do anything to steal it!

18. The Grinch

The only person in the world who hates Christmas is none other than the Grinch himself. This meanie is always looking for ways to steal Christmas away and one kid decided to do something about it.

17. Green Meanie

A kid by the name of TyLon Pittman watched the animated movie about the Grinch and he decided that someone needs to do something about it. TyLon was not about to let the Grinch steal Christmas away and he did something amazing!

16. Saving Christmas

Tylon tried telling his parents that they need to find the Grinch and prevent him from stealing Christmas, but his parents wouldn’t listen. This is when TyLon came up with a rather interesting idea…

15. Call The Specialists

TyLon was always told by his parents that if there’s something bad happening around him that he should call the police. Therefore, TyLon decided to pick up the phone and call the police to arrest the Grinch.

14. Arresting The Grinch

The 911 dispatcher who received the call from TyLon couldn’t believe what he was saying and she started laughing. However, she decided that no kid should live in fear of the Grinch and she did something amazing for TyLon.

13. Calling For Backup

The dispatcher talked with some of the officers and told them about TyLon and his fear of the Grinch. The dispatcher asked one of the officers named Lauren Develle to do her a favor and to visit TyLon. Do you think the officer did this?

12. Knock, Knock

Lauren Develle didn’t want to miss an opportunity to bring a smile to a little kid’s face and she went to visit him. TyLon’s parents were shocked to see that the police is knocking on their front door, but they were even more shocked to find out why officer Lauren Develle was there.

11. Meet Officer Lauren Develle

The woman in this picture is officer Lauren Develle and she visited TyLon in order to assure him that the Grinch will not steal Christmas. Isn’t this amazing?

10.  TyLon Is Worried

The officer realized that TyLon is still worried about the Grinch and she and some of her other police friends decided to hire someone dressed as the Grinch and to let TyLon arrest him. If you don’t believe me, then you need to check out the next picture and see for yourself.

9. Arresting The Bad Guy

9 Channel 13 Las Vegas

Isn’t it amazing what officer Lauren Develle and the other policemen did for TyLon? They all raised money to hire someone to wear a costume so that the little kid could sleep safe and sound knowing that the bad guy has been arrested.

8. The Police Station Channel 13 Las Vegas

Arresting the Grinch was not enough for TyLon and he wanted to see him in jail. Isn’t this hilarious? Officer Lauren Develle listened to what the kid wanted and she took the Grinch to the police station and locked him in a room.

7. Christmas Is Safe Channel 13 Las Vegas

If there’s something that we can be sure about that, then it has to be the fact that Christmas is safe. The Grinch is now under arrest and TyLon will receive all the gifts he waited for all year long.

6. Getting To Know Each Other Channel 13 Las Vegas

The Grinch even talked a bit with TyLon so that the little kid can understand that the Grinch is not going to do him any harm and that he shouldn’t fear him. Their conversation must have been hilarious!

5. The Family Channel 13 Las Vegas

The most amazing thing about this is that TyLon’s family never expected him to call the police. However, they said that this lets them know that TyLon is always going to be safe because he knows who to call when something bad is going on.

4. First Present Channel 13 Las Vegas

The police officers also put together some money in order to buy a little present for TyLon because he has been such a good boy. These policemen did something amazing by helping TyLon in his time of need and there’s no doubt about that.

3. Great Job Channel 13 Las Vegas

Officer Lauren Develle and her friends did a great job by arresting the Grinch, don’t you think so? They made sure that Christmas is safe this year.

2. Awesome Story

This is one of the most awesome and heartwarming stories that we’ve ever seen. The police did a great job by responding to the 911 call the way they did and they restored faith to the community that the police are always there for them.

1.  Happy Christmas

Let’s hope that TyLon has a happy Christmas this year and that he doesn’t get scared by the Grinch ever again. Nonetheless, what did you think of this wholesome story?

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