Man Starts Cleaning His Aunt’s House And Finds The “Mona Lisa” Of Baseball Cards

Everyone who follows baseball knows that there are some rare cards which are worth a fortune. Well, Karl Kissner doesn’t know that much about baseball and when he found a bunch of old player cards in his aunt’s attic, he didn’t think too much of them and just put them aside. Luckily, the man decided to take them to an expert and what the expert told him changed his life forever!

19. Old House

The man in this picture is Karl Kissner and he decided to go and clean his aunt’s house after she passed away. He knew that his aunt was a hoarder and that she might have some valuable items inside the house. You will be amazed by what he found! Auctions

This is the old house where Karl Kissner’s aunt used to live in. The house was not in good shape and Karl Kissner knew that he might not find anything of value inside, but he wanted to clean it anyways.

18. Low Expectations Auctions

Karl Kissner started cleaning the house and unfortunately for him, he couldn’t find anything extraordinary. However, everything changed once the man decided to take a look in the attic.

17. The Attic Auctions

As Karl Kissner was cleaning the attic, he stumbled upon a bunch of tightly sealed boxes. What could be inside? Since Karl Kissner didn’t have any expectations, he simply put the boxes aside and kept on cleaning.

16. Curious Nature Auctions

Even though Karl Kissner was curious to see what’s inside the boxes, he figured that it probably was some old newspapers or clothes and he thought that he might as well finish cleaning the attic before looking inside them. Would you be this patient?

15. The Family Finds out

Karl Kissner’s family found out about the boxes and they urged him to take a look inside. Everyone hoped that they might find something of value and this is precisely what they found, just that they didn’t know it yet.

14. Baseball Cards

One of the boxes contained 700 strange baseball cards. Karl Kissner didn’t think much of them and just set them aside. Can you believe this? Although, the man wasn’t a fan of baseball and he had no idea how much those cards were worth.

13. Pristine Condition

The great thing about the cards is that they were kept in pristine condition. The man’s aunt bought them when she was young and she kept them safe because she imagined that they might be expensive in the future.

12. Baseball Legends

Even though Karl Kissner didn’t know much about baseball, he did realize that some of the players shown on the cards are legends such as Cy Young, Ty Cobbs and Honus Wagner. Seeing this, he decided to take them to a baseball expert.

11. Visiting The Expert Auctions

Karl Kissner’s family told him that he shouldn’t waste any money by going to get the cards appraised by an expert. However, Karl Kissner was determined to find out what’s the deal with these old cards and why his aunt kept them so tightly sealed.

10. The Expert Is Amazed Auctions

Karl Kissner arrived at the expert with the box filled with baseball cards and the expert couldn’t believe his eyes. Nearly all the baseball cards that Karl Kissner brought in are super rare!! Keep reading to find out what the expert had to say about this.

9. Mona Lisa Auctions

The expert was astonished by the baseball cards of Karl Kissner and he told him that he found the “Mona Lisa of baseball”. Hearing this, Karl Kissner started asking how much money he can get for them and his jaw dropped when the expert told him the price.

8. Super Expensive Cards

The expert looked Karl Kissner in the eyes and told him that he was going to be a rich man. Karl Kissner almost teared up when hearing this because he realized that the cards are a “farewell gift” from his late aunt. Keep reading to find out how much money Karl Kissner got for these cards.

7. Millions Of Dollars

Karl Kissner ended up selling the baseball cards for millions of dollars. This is a dream come true for Karl Kissner. The man managed to get rich overnight just by cleaning an attic. However, he wanted to share the money with the family.

6. Sharing The Wealth

One of the cards sold for 2 million dollars at the auction house and that is when Karl Kissner realized that he needs to share the wealth with his family members. This is what his aunt would’ve wanted…

5. Rich Family

The Kissner family was now rich and they didn’t have a single worry in the entire world. Isn’t it amazing how the aunt made sure that everyone is okay after her death?

4. Farewell Gift

The Kissner family is still in shock. It’s hard for them to imagine that their aunt kept these cards hidden all these time, but they are thankful that Karl found them and took them to an expert.

3. Making The News

Everyone in the baseball community was amazed by this discovery and Karl Kissner even made the news. Finding rare cards as Karl did is the dream of all baseball card collectors.

2. Living Good

As you can see in the picture featured above, Karl Kissner is now living the good life. With the money he got from the cards he was able to buy everything he ever wished for, including this red car.

1. Amazing Discovery

Did you ever imagine that a bunch of baseball cards can be worth millions of dollars? Nonetheless, you better ask your own aunt if she has some baseball cards from when she was young.

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