Brave Dog Runs Head First Into Fire To Save His Owner’s Kids

Dogs are some of the best pets to have around. They are loyal and there is a reason why they are called a man’s best friend. However, what a German shepherd named Maxx did for his owners will shock you!

The adorable dog risked his life by running into a house engulfed in flames, in order to lead the firemen to where his owner’s kids were stuck beneath the ruble. You better stick around for #8 to see Maxx in action.

25. A Loyal Friend

No matter the situation, if your loyal friend feels your life is in danger, you can count on him! Nonetheless, nobody thought that Maxx would be this brave and relentless. His fast reaction saved his humans’ lives!

24. Favorite Pets

Do you own a dog? If your answer is yes, then you will know why people love having dogs around so much. These adorable canines are loyal and they will always protect their owners…no matter what.

23. Life Savers

The amazing thing about dogs is that they are so loyal to their owners that they are more than willing to risk their own lives in order to keep the owners safe. This is the story of Maxx who ran head straight into a burning house!

22. Maxx

Maxx is a german shepherd who enjoys nothing more than run around the yard and play catch with his owner, Brent Feaser. Little did Brent know, Maxx would end up saving his two beautiful children after an accident set their home on fire. Keep reading to find out what Brent has to say about Maxx.

21. Little Doggie

Brent says that he adopted Maxx when he was a little pup and that this is why Maxx is so loyal to him and his family. Living together with his humans, the pooch would always look after his owner and the children. Then one day…

20. Ready for Action

With no hesitation, the pooch jumped into action when he felt his humans were in danger. Check out the next picture to see how Maxx looked after he pulled Brent’s kids out of the fire. The poor pup!

19. Poor Little Guy

As you can see in the picture featured above, Maxx burned his paws while running into the burning building where Brent’s kids were stuck. With that said, let’s see what caused this hero dog to run in the middle of a fire – it’s incredible!

18. House On Fire

Our story starts during a night when an accident caused the Feaser family house to catch on fire. It was very late and everyone was sleeping in the house while this was happening. Then the house got filled with smoke…

17. Smoke Was Filling the Rooms

The family woke up when they started smelling the smoke surrounding them. The smoke was filling all the rooms and confused, they didn’t get out too fast – but here’s where Maxx gets to be the hero. Meanwhile, one of their neighbors saw the fire.

16. The Neighbor

Fortunately, one of the neighbors was wide awake at the hour when the house started burning and without wasting any time, the neighbor called the firemen. But The dog wasn’t willing to wait that long…

15. The Firemen Show Up

The firemen arrived really fast and they pulled out Brent and his wife out of the burning house. However, the firemen were not able to figure out where the children were hiding. It was something that made everyone panic. What happened with the kids?

14. The Children

Thinking that the smoke might have caused the children to pass out, the firemen knew they had to act fast and find them. But they did not expect for the family dog to step in and do this amazing thing…

13. Something Amazing Happens

As the firemen were trying to figure out where to look for the children, something amazing happened. What happened next left everyone in awe and made Maxx a hero!

12. Max Rushes In

Out of nowhere, the German shepherd rushed inside the burning house. Even though the house was filled with smoke, the dog could still smell the kids and he wanted to lead the firemen to them. Can you believe this?

11. A Helping Nose

Knowing that they could count on the dog’s instinct since it was accustomed to the children’s scent, the firemen had no other choice than follow him. But would they succeed in finding the kids? Here’s what happens next…

10. Hero Dog

The firemen realized that the dog is a hero and that he wants to lead them to the children and without giving it any second thought, the firemen rushed inside the building and followed Maxx. Do you think they managed to get the kids out in time?

9. The Kids Are Safe

Luckily, the kids were fine. They were just scared and didn’t know where to run because the smoke was making it hard to see. However, Maxx knew exactly where to lead the firemen. The next picture will make your jaw drop!

8. The Firemen Are Shocked

The firemen have never seen anything like this. Maxx was fearless and he charged straight through the fire. No one could believe what just happened and the firemen were in shock.

7. Putting The Fire Out

The firemen kept trying to put the fire out, but to no avail. However, the Feaser family was just happy to know that their kids are safe and that nothing bad happened to them. You will never believe how Maxx is welcomed at the vet where he was taken to treat his wounds.

6. A Hero’s Welcome

The brave dog got burned while running through the fire, but this didn’t stop him in his search for the missing kids. As you can see above, the dog received a hero’s welcome when he arrived at the vet’s office.

5. Belly Rubs

Maxx got all the belly rubs that he could ever ask for during that day. Everyone was amazed by how brave he is and they wanted to show their gratitude towards Maxx.

4. A True Hero

If there’s something that we can be sure of, then it must be the fact that Maxx is a hero and that no one can deny that. Maxx is a true hero who risked his life to save the ones of his owner’s kids.

3. Happy Face

This is the face that Maxx had when he got out of the vet’s office. Maxx was in pain because his paw got burned, but he had a big smile on his face because of the all belly rubs that he received.

2. He’ll Do It Again

Even though Maxx almost died when he ran inside the burning house, we can be sure that this brave dog would do it all again if he had to. Don’t you think so?

1. Best Decision Ever

Brent Freaser says that adopting Maxx is one of the best things that he ever did. This dog proved to be a lifesaver and Brent is never going to be able to thank him enough.