Woman Sees Young Man Filming And Gets Scared, Her Face Lights Up When She Sees His Hands

Life is tough and there’s no doubt about that. Some have it harder than others and this is why we should always do our best to help the ones in need. Today we are going to show you the story of Carlos Davis who managed to brighten up the day of a woman who was crying at a gas station.

25. The Gas Station


The story that we are about to show you is emotional and we feel like you should be warned to grab some tissues because you might find yourself crying. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you! With that said, let’s get into it.

24. Young Comedian


Carlos Davis is a young comedian who always dreamed of making it on the big stage. Unfortunately, his journey to success has not been that easy and he had to work hard for everything. He learned that you have to do the right things in life…

23. Started From The Bottom


Even though becoming a famous comedian is nearly an impossible task, Carlos Davis had a dream and he was willing to put it all on the line to achieve it. This is what it takes to make it when you start from the bottom. Carlos has a good heart and when he encountered the woman you’re about to meet, he knew exactly what to do.

22. The Gas Station


This is where things start to get emotional. One day, Carlos Davis and his friends arrived at a gas station and for some unknown reason, the car in front of them wouldn’t move. The comic asked one of his friends to go inside the gas station and see what’s happening.

21. Pennies


The friend noticed that there was a sad woman who was paying for her gas with pennies and this is why she wasn’t moving her car. Without giving it any second thought, the friend went to tell Carlos what’s going on. You will never believe how the young comic reacted to this.

20. Remembering the Past


Thinking that the woman had money problems and could only find a few pennies to pay for gas, Davis’ friend explained what took so long. Instead of being irritated by the long wait, the comedian recalled a time in his life…

19. Hard Times


When Carlos heard about the woman counting her pennies in the gas station, he remembered all the hard times that he went through and he decided to do something utterly amazing.

18. Big Surprise


Carlos Davis asked one of his friends to go and call the woman. The young comic had a big surprise for her and little did he know at that point that he will end up changing her life forever.

17. She Looked Heart-Broken


Looking at the woman, Davis saw her eyes were swollen from crying and knew in his heart that his deed would go a long way. So, he got closer and tried to talk to her, while his friend was filming the entire scene.

16. Something Is Wrong


At first, the sad woman was hesitant to get close to the men who were calling her. What did they want with her? Were they going to hurt her? Luckily, this wasn’t the case….it was exactly the opposite.

15. She Looks Down


The woman got closer to Carlos Davis and she still didn’t understand why she was being filmed. However, she looked down at Carlos Davis’s hands and everything made sense…

14. A Helping Hand


As soon as she looks down at the stranger’s hands, things become clear and tears start welling up in her eyes. Her reaction made everyone cry, including Davis and his friends. Here is what he had in his hands.

13. Precious  Gift


Carlos Davis had a bunch of $100 bills in his hands and he handed them over to the woman. He simply said “This is for you” and the woman was brought to tears. You will be shocked to find out how the woman responded to this.

12. Heartbreaking Story


She had no idea that a bunch of young men would even notice that she was in a very difficult situation. Not many people can see that others are struggling, but Davis and his friends noticed it. Her story is heartbreaking…

11. Her Husband


The woman was in tears and she told the young boys that her husband died one week ago and this is why she was having money problems. Carlos Davis reassured her that everything is okay and that he just wants to help out.

10. Depressing Times


It is truly gut-wrenching to lose your loved one. Add money problems and no financial help, and it can be very depressing. However, this good deed brought back hope in this woman’s heart. Here is her reaction in the next photo.

9. Little Smile

Even though the woman was mourning, the good deed that Carlos Davis and his friends did for her brought a smile on her face. Isn’t this amazing? And that’s not all!

8. Good Man


Some people are saying that Carlos Davis did this only to get views, but this is not the case. We can see that he’s crying in the video and that he cares.

7. Weekly Event


Carlos Davis has a weekly event called “I love you” where he goes out and does good deeds for people and then puts it on Twitter to motivate his followers to be better people. In this video, Carlos went out and bought candy for every kid that he could find during Haloween.

6. Hard Worker


Carlos Davis didn’t waste any time and he worked as much as he could writing new jokes and making funny sketches on Instagram and YouTube so that he could get a bigger following. Do you think this worked?

5. Talented Man


The young comic was really talented and nearly all his sketches went viral. Slowly but surely, Carlos Davis was getting a more significant following and this was helping him get closer to achieving his life dream of being a professional comic.

4. Chance The Rapper


Carlos Davis’s career went sky high when he met Chance The Rapper who asked him to perform a couple of intros for one of his albums. This was the opportunity that Carlos Davis was waiting all along and he seized it!

3. Successful Career


Chance the Rapper is one of the most successful performers in the US and the work that Carlos Davis put on his album helped him get more followers than he ever dreamed. Things were finally looking good for Carlos and he wanted to give back to the world.

2. A Better World


Carlos Davis wants everyone to work towards making the world better and we have to admit that this is pretty amazing.

1. Giving Back


The cool thing about Carlos Davis is that as his career took off, he started giving back to the community right after he received his first paycheck.

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