Woman Sees Young Man Filming And Gets Scared, Her Face Lights Up When She Sees His Hands

We have all been there: we felt miserable, helpless, and thought that was it… It was either a moment when we only had a handful of pennies to pay our groceries or just a time when we thought life was just too difficult and unbearable. Some of us got lucky, while others felt utterly hopeless.

One day, two men noticed a woman who was pumping gas at the station, and she took a lot of time to pay for it. When one of them saw what was wrong, he came back to the car, scrambling for words…

20. A Tough Time


Humans are nothing if not compassionate, especially when we can relate to others’ misfortunes. A comedian named Carlos Davis knew what it meant to start from the bottom. He had dreams and goals and struggled to make it through. Then, one day, he met a heartbroken woman who shared her story with him.

19. A Good Heart


Even though Carlos Davis, who goes by the nickname “Haha” or “Big Fella,” is a comedian, making millions of people laugh at his videos, he has a good heart. His videos are viral, but this time his friend caught on camera something that made everyone cry…

18. “This week on ‘I love you’”


Carlos doesn’t just share jokes with his fans and friends, but he also creates a weekly segment when he walks around neighborhoods and does good deeds for people around him. One day, he bought candy for kids that were staring at the candy counter.

But nothing prepared him for this next encounter!

17. Something Was Wrong


Paying for kid’s candy was sweet, but this time Carlos was not planning the good deed. He was in his car, waiting for his friend to fill the tank. It took a little longer than expected. When his friend came back, he learned that the vehicle in front of them wouldn’t move because a woman is paying with pennies for her gas…

16. No Time to Think


The comedian didn’t need time to think. Carlos asked a friend to start filming, and he got closer to the woman, thinking about the rough times he went through. What if these pennies were the woman’s last money?

15. Approaching the Stranger


Carlos and his friends slowly approached the woman who was surprised and a little scared when one of the men reached out in his pocket. What were their intentions? Were they going to hurt her? Luckily, this wasn’t the case….it was exactly the opposite. Here is her reaction.

14. Why Were They Filming Her?


She didn’t understand why she was being filmed. Carlos tells her that they are not there to harm her, and takes out a wad full of cash. She looked down at Carlos Davis’s hands, and everything made sense…

13. She Stared at Him


The woman’s eyes were swollen with tears and stared at the men who were there to give her money, just like that. She hesitated at first, but then one of them said:

“We’re comedians. It’s not illegal. We’re comedians.”

12. Precious Gift


The sad woman was left speechless. As soon as she looks down at the stranger’s hands, things become clear and tears start welling up in her eyes. Her reaction made everyone cry, including Davis and his friends. Then, she tells them her story…

11. Heartbreaking Story


She had no idea that a bunch of young men would even notice that she was in a tough situation. Not many people can see that others are struggling, but Davis and his friends noticed it. Her story is heartbreaking…

10. Her Husband…


The woman was scrambling for words. She explained why she was crying and why she had little money:

“My husband just died a week ago. We weren’t like this before. I didn’t ask nobody for nothing,” she said. This is when everyone breaks down in tears, and you can hear the men trying to assure her it will be all right!

9. “Oh My God”


“You okay. We got love for you. This is for you,” said Davis, hugging the woman as everyone was wiping tears from their faces. Then they all said that people must “take care of each other,” and they have to stick together…

8. A Good Deed


Even though the woman was mourning, the good deed that Carlos Davis and his friends did for her brought a smile on her face and brought back hope in this woman’s heart. And that’s not all!

7. He’s Watching Over Her


The woman thanked the kind men and blessed them for their help and support, saying that God really looks down on people and Carlos agreed: “He’s definitely watching over you.”

The video filmed by the comedians went viral. You won’t believe how many people watched it!

6. Motivating Others


Carlos likes to make people laugh, but he also uses his social media accounts to motivate his followers to be better people. His thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter have witnessed this heartbreaking moment and asked him how they could and help the woman. Isn’t that amazing?

5. Watching His Videos


People who watched his videos commented, saying that they hope their children will grow up and be as kind as Davis and his friends, others noted that this is what the worlds needs – positive energy and kindness!

4. Making the World a Better Place


Carlos Davis wants everyone to work towards making the world better, and we have to admit that this is the best thing we heard today. His acts show that he is not just talking, but also helping out people!

3. Successful Career


The young comedian always dreamed of making it on the big stage, and his journey to success has not been easy. Carlos had to work hard for everything and knows how tough life can be.

2. A Good Man


Carlos has a good heart, and when he encountered this woman, he knew exactly what to do. He didn’t know about her problems or her financial situation. All he knew was that she needed someone’s help and words that would encourage her to look forward to a better future!

1. Giving Back


The cool thing about Carlos Davis is that as his career took off, he started giving back to the community! He learned that you have to do the right things in life… so he did it, and maybe his deeds changed people’s perception of life!

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