The Weirdest Random Things People Found On Beaches

Is there something better than going to the beach during a day off to relax? You can get a nice tan and have a cooling bath in the ocean or maybe surf some waves. However, things get pretty strange when going to the beach because you never know what might end up washing ashore and scaring everyone away! There are many reports of container spillages and all those items eventually end up on the beach.

20. Weird Jellyfish

During a normal day in Washington, people started reporting that weird jellyfish washed up ashore. To make things even crazier, the same thing happened on the beaches of Oregon and California at the same time.

19. Sardines

One of the craziest things to ever happen on the beaches of California was that time when millions of sardines randomly washed up ashore. The strange thing is that no one knows what killed these sardines and why millions of them died simultaneously.

18. Giant Lego Man

Could imagine something weirder than seeing a giant Lego man coming out of the water? Well, this is exactly what some people found on a beach in California as they were trying to get a late night swim. Spooky right?

17. Weird Packs

Talking about scary things, a man from Japan once found millions of dollars worth of cocaine on the beach. The police estimate that all that cocaine is worth somewhere around $48 million. Good thing the Japanese man decided to report it to the police because you never know who might come looking for the cocaine.

16. Dinosaur Fossil

Every explorer dreams about finding an ancient fossil, but one man got super lucky when a dinosaur fossil washed up on the beach in front of his house. Can you believe this? The next picture will give you an explanation for the giant Lego man that you previously saw.

15. Guerilla Artist

The previous giant Lego man that washed up ashore made a second appearance on another beach in the US. This helped the police determine that the person behind this is a guerilla artist and that he might place other giant Lego people on different beaches in the future.

14. World War 2 Plane

The plane you are seeing in the picture above was a combat airship from World War 2. No one knows how it washed ashore, but what we do know is that the crew was nowhere to be found. The upcoming picture is even creepier than this!

13. Running Shoes

The people who live on the Dutch Island of Terschelling will never have to worry about buying a pair of new shoes ever again because thousands of them washed ashore. Rumor has it that the running shoes come from a spilled container.

12. Fly Swatters

A woman was jogging on the beach when she stumbled upon lots of fly swatters. The scary thing about these items is that no one knows how they appeared on the beach. Maybe it was another container spillage?

11. Rubber Ducks

A container ship had a bad accident which caused it to drop 28,000 rubber ducks in the ocean! All these rubber ducks ended on a beach in the US and locals had a tough time cleaning the beach.

10. Free Doritos

If you love eating Doritos, then you might want to visit the beach every now and then because you never know when thousands of free Doritos bags might wash up ashore as it happened in the picture above.

9. Unexploded Bomb

The people of Massachusetts were advised to be careful whenever they go to the beach because unexploded War War 1 bombs can still be found there. Let’s hope the police managed to get rid of it safely.

8. Hair Balls

One of the strangest things to happen on a beach was when a bunch of hair balls washed up ashore. This never happened before and scientists are saying that these balls are actually called “Neptune Gras” and they are supposed to stay on the bottom of the ocean.

7. German U-Boat

Another incredible thing that appeared on a beach is a full-sized German U-Boat. This happened on the beach of Hastings and no one knows how the boat ended up there.

6. Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is the most famous motorcycle brands in the world and this makes it even crazier to imagine how one of their bikes ended up in the ocean and then washed ashore. We can be sure that the owner of this Harley Davidson really misses it.

5. Whale Vomit

Even though whale vomit might sound like a gross item to find on a beach, you should make sure to pick it up if you ever see one. The reason we are saying this is because the whale vomit that can be seen above is priced at $45.000.

4. Cannon Balls

One of the most amazing things about seeing pirate movies is watching them blow enemy ships with those big cannon balls. Well, some of those balls got lost in the ocean and they appeared on the beach of South Carolina.

3. Marlboro Cigarettes

A container ship nearly tipped over because a huge wave hit it and instead of flipping, the boat dropped a container that had thousands of Marlboro cigarettes. The losses are estimated to value $4 million.

2. Nike Shoes

Who doesn’t love Nike shoes? Well, the people who live in British Columbia next to the beach were able to take thousands of pairs for free because they washed up ashore after a container ship lost them in the ocean.

1. Ripe Bananas

We are going to end our list of weird and random things that washed ashore with that time a big container boat lost tons of ripe bananas and the waves brought them to the beach for people to eat.

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