Biker Rescues A Puppy From Its Abusive Owner By Doing The Sweetest Thing

There aren’t that many stories which can make everyone go “aww”, but this one sure can! Today we are going to show you what a tough American biker decided to do after he saw someone mistreating a dog. Be prepared for the unexpected, because you will never guess what the biker does to protect the dog!

20. Tough Guys

If there’s something most people can agree on, then it must be that bikers are tough guys, especially the ones who ride on choppers. However, the biker we are about to talk about today has a heart of gold!

19. Good Guy Brandon

Brandon Turnbow is a biker and he isn’t someone to mess around. However, Brandon has a soft spot for animals and he isn’t shy to show that side of him. Keep reading because what’s coming next will shock you!

18. Getting Angry

As Brandon was riding on the highway, he saw someone abusing a little Jack Russel dog. Without giving it any second thought, Brandon decided to do something about it and approached the person who was abusing the dog.

17. Little Jack Russel

The dog’s owner saw that a big biker was coming his way and decided to do something horrific, he threw the dog on the road and drove away. Seeing this, Brandon knew that he needed to pick up the little Jack Russel.

16. Saving The Dog

Brandon was upset that he didn’t get to talk with the man who was abusing the dog, but he was happy that the pooch was now safe in his arms. As you can see, the little Jack Russel was feeling comfortable next to Brandon. What happened next is incredible!

15. Starting The Bike

To Brandon’s surprise, the dog didn’t get scared when the bike’s engine started. It seemed that he enjoyed the loud noise and fast speed of the bike. Your heart will fill with joy once you’ll see what they did when they got home…

14. Forever Home

Brandon drove straight to his home and the tiny pooch fell asleep on his floor. This is when Brandon knew that he just got himself a new copilot. To make things even more amazing, Brandon had to say this next thing about the dog…

13. Copilot

“I try to look back as much as I can to see if the dog was trying to move around or not and surprisingly he actually liked riding,” said Brandon. From now on, it was clear that the dog was going to accompany Brandon wherever he went. And that’s not all!

12. Happy Dog

The only thing that matters is that the dog went from an abusive home to a loving one. He always had a big smile on his face! You won’t believe how Brandon named the dog!

11. Mr. Davidson

Considering that Brandon is a biker who is a fan of Harley Davidson, it should come as no surprise that he decided to call the Jack Russel “Mr. Davidson”. This is a fitting name since the dog likes riding so much. Do you think the pooch is living a good life now? Check him out in the following photos!

10. New Life

Isn’t it amazing how Mr. Davidson’s life changed for the better? The little dog was living a tough life, but now it’s all better thanks to Brandon.

9. Thumbs Up

The two are perfect for each other since they both love riding so much. Brandon says that he plans to go on many fun adventures with Mr. Davidson. Photo #17 is hilarious!

8. Feeling Safe

Brandon says that he felt a strong bond between him and Mr. Davidson right from the moment they met each other. Maybe this is why Mr. Davidson felt so comfortable on Brandon’s bike.

7. Living The Good Life

Mr. Davidson got lucky to be saved by Brandon because at this age, there aren’t that many families who would adopt him. The next picture will show you just how Brandon feels about saving Mr. Davidson.

6. Good Deeds

Brandon says that saving Mr. Davidson was one of the best things he ever did. The dog always brings a smile to his face and Brandon loves playing with him.

This heartwarming story reminds us a few things that you should know…

5. Saving Animals

We should take this story as an example of why we should all stop and help animals in need. Stopping your car and picking up an abandoned animal up from the road is going to change its life!

4. Puppy

This man didn’t hesitate to stop his car to save this little animal after being hit by a car on the highway. Just like Brandon, this man decided to put it all on the line to save someone in need!

3. Biker Dogs

There’s something about dogs and bikes! The two just go together perfectly and there’s no doubt about that. Just look at the next picture for example!

2. Riding Fast

Even though the bike is going at full speed, the dog doesn’t seem to mind it! In fact, the dog actually enjoys the feeling of having the wind blow in his face.

1.Brandon And Mr. Davidson

Brandon and Mr. Davidson were brought together by faith. The biker was at the right moment at the right time and that’s how he managed to get a new best friend!