Man Abandons 20-Year-Old Pet At The Shelter, Its Reaction Will Break Your Heart

Many people adopt pets hoping that the animal is going to bring joy into their lives, but they end up not being able to take care of them. This is exactly what happened to poor Radar who was abandoned by his owner. The worst thing about this is that the man lied so he could leave the pup at the shelter. What did he say and why? Let’s find out!

21. POOR PUP Animal Justice League

We have to let everyone know that Radar’s story is sad and some might find it heartbreaking. However, people who decide to stick around until the end will find that even abandoned dogs can sometimes get lucky and that their lives can turn around.


Everything started when an unknown man came to a shelter and abandoned a sad puppy named Radar. When asked about why did he get a puppy in the first place and why did he want to abandon him, the man gave the craziest explanation…

19. SICK AND OLD Animal Justice League

The stranger told the people who volunteered at the shelter that Radar was 20-years-old and that he needed to be euthanized because he was sick. The staff didn’t even have a chance to do a full checkup of the pup or to offer to treat him for free because the man did this…


A few seconds later, while the shelter staff was trying to get a vet to check up on the pooch, the man sneaked out of the door without even giving an explanation. He simply left his dog there because he was old and sick.

Someone had to do something about it, they couldn’t just leave things as they were and euthanize the pup as his owner wanted…


Luckily for Radar, the folks at the Animal Justice League heard about his story and decided that they wanted to help him out. Radar didn’t look like he was 20-years-old and he needed all the help that he could get. When a vet saw the ‘old’ pooch for the first time, he couldn’t believe his eyes…

16. HEALTH CHECK-UP Animal Justice League

The folks who work at the Animal Justice League didn’t waste any time and they rushed to the vet. They wanted to get a full health check-up for Radar so that they can determine just how old he is and what’s wrong with his health. You will never believe what the vet told them…


This vet confirmed everyone’s doubts. The sad doggy was not 20-years-old. He was about ten years old and the vet said that he suffered from a stomach virus which made him vomit. Fortunately, the volunteers were more than willing to buy medicine for him. However, this is not the only thing that the vet had to say about Radar.

14. LONG NAILS Justice League

The vet also discovered that Radar had super long nails. This proves that his previous owner didn’t care at all about him.  Seeing this, the people who worked at the Animal Justice League knew that they had to take Radar in. The pooch was in desperate need of help!


A few days passed since Radar started living at the center and he was already feeling better. The dog was not scared anymore and the medicine was helping him with his stomach virus. And that’s not all, his life was about to change forever!

12. SMILE Justice League

It didn’t take long for Radar to realize that he no longer has to live in fear and that he is being looked out for. This was the first time that Radar smiled since he arrived at the Animal Justice League center and this was making everyone happy.

11. HE IS JOYFUL Justice League

Everyone who met Radar said that this little dog is filled with joy. He is always looking for new friends to play with and he has never been happier. Isn’t it incredible how the doggy’s life has turned around from being close to getting euthanized to now living a happy life?

10. HARD LIFE Animal Justice League

The shelter staff hopes that in time Radar will be able to forget all about his troubled past. All that matters now is that he is in good hands and that no one is ever going to harm him again!

He even made some friends, check them out…


Another heartwarming thing about Radar is that he is super friendly. In fact, Radar is so friendly that he manages to get along even with the cat who lives at the shelter. This is quite surprising since Radar and the cat are supposed to be natural enemies.

8. PLAYING AROUND Animal Justice League

The pooch now has a new best friend to play around with and his life has never been better. It’s crazy to think that his owner gave up on him so fast and that he didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. Some people are just not meant to have pets.

7. NEW HOME Animal Justice League

Now that Radar has a brand-new home the doggy is feeling way better. His stomach doesn’t hurt him anymore and his nails have been taken care of. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

6. BAD OWNER Justice League

We think it’s safe to say that even though Radar’s story started on a sad note, things turned out well for this little doggy in the end. Not just that, but he is surely happy that his owner abandoned him because he now gets to live a happy life.


Radar’s story is an incredible one, but sadly, not all abandoned dogs get happy endings like him. This is why we advise everyone who wants to get a new pet to adopt one instead of buying one from the local pet store.


Adopting a pet instead of buying one is a win-win situation. The pet gets a loving home and a family to care for him while the people who adopt the pet will get a doggy that is forever going to be grateful to them.


Another important thing that we can take from this story is that we should never give up on our loved ones, even though they might be dogs or cats. Their health can always turn around and their mood will be better if they are treated with love.

2. LOVE Animal Justice League

From the looks of it, the thing that Radar lacked the most in his life was love. Everything turned for the better once he felt what being loved is like.

1. AWESOME STORY Animal Justice League

This is an incredible story and we are glad that it has a happy ending. Nonetheless, what did you think of Radar’s story? Should his owner be banned from ever get a new pet?