Pictures Of The Royal Family Acting Particularly Un-Royal

The Royal family is very different from other families around the world. Or so we thought! They have carriages, jewels, amazing gowns and outfits, castles and fairy-tale-like weddings! But one thing we all have in common is that sometimes, we like being silly. And to prove that these Royals are just like the rest of humans, check out the next funny, candid photos of members of the Royal family fooling around. They will surely make your day!

We never thought the Queen could pull out that grimace at #13 – we are dying over here!

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#20. Getting The Buzz

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Whether it is for toasting, for keeping a hand occupied or just getting the small buzz to cope with a difficult day ahead or an exhausting party, the Queen and the other members of the royal family have been photographed while sipping some champagne.

They should drink two more glasses and prepare for the next images because they are not flattering at all!

#19. Old Habits Die Hard

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Prince Harry has always been a funny kid. Even as a child, he couldn’t even behave in front of the camera. All Princess Diana wanted was a nice photo with her son, but did she get it? Of course not! The young prince had a different agenda. He even kept still before the photo was taken and in the last second, he pulled this face!

Think growing up made Harry less funny? Think again!

#18. Making Faces

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Prince William is also great at making funny faces. While his mother was happily greeting her guests, the young ones were just having fun, unwillingly photobombing the warm greetings. Talking about photobombs, prepare to have a blast and check out this photo at #5.

Now let’s check the next photo with the masters in disguise…

#17. Masters In Disguise

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Being part of the Royal family means that you could get photographed right when you were trying to get away unnoticed. Hence, the Queen was sporting a hoodie and no makeup. Harry and Meghan Markle share some happy kisses, and Kate Middleton is sunbathing.

Did we say Kate Middleton? Just look at her trying her hand at Cricket in the next photo!

#16. Flawless!

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All right, probably Prince William did not choose Kate for her Cricket abilities. Nonetheless, she is a great fan of the game and is in great shape. She might not be dressed for it, but she makes it look so easy! Meanwhile, Charles and Camilla are startled by a hawk – not wanting to get in the way of those massive talons!

#15. Best Christmas Ever!

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We all love those ugly sweaters we get from our folks that it became a tradition to rock them out at family reunions for Christmas and for snapping those cards. And the royal family does not disappoint! AT ALL! Queen Elizabeth II has a sweater featuring one of her corgis, while Prince William and Kate Middleton just chose one big sweater!

Now get ready for the lovely Queen!

#14. The Lovely Queen…

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You can see that Queen Elizabeth II was and still is a fun person to be around. She likes to crack some jokes with the people around her, and even though she seems intimidating, the Queen is still a human!

Prepare to check out the not so lovely face of the Queen, who is sporting the funniest face ever!

#13. VS. The Not-So-Lovely Queen

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Mark Stewart won a Royal Photographer of the Year award when he snapped this photo of Her Majesty, adding: “I would love to know what she was saying.” He agrees that this is a one-of-a-kind photograph.

Really now, what she was thinking – “Are those two cupcakes for me?”

#12. Happy And Carefree

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The Queen was at Balmoral back in the 1950s, as happy as one could be, smiling among the horses and green fields. This is a rare photo of her without a camera in her hands. She was a keen photographer, and she spent almost all the moments in the countryside photographing the horses at the races.

Here’s a more recent photo of her at the races – of course, having a blast!

#11. Fun Games

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The 2010 Braemar Highland Games seem to have had terrific moments since all the royal family started to laugh. Did one of the runners spill all over the track? He might have lost the race, but he did entertain the Queen of England and Prince of Wales in the end!

Prepare for an elegant photo…

#10. An Elegant Photo

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We think Kate Middleton has learned some of the Harry faces after joining the Royal family. So far, she has mastered the art of smiling elegantly in the photos. But this gem was shot before Kate learned how to perfect her smile. These days, she takes only flawless photos with the rest of the family. Well, almost flawless, like the next one!

#9. Notice Me!

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Prince William was trying to get his wife’s attention, but seeing that she didn’t respond, he gently tugged at her nametag. Still not getting a reaction, he pulled again, and Kate reacted by sticking out her tongue as if she was struggling to breathe, sending her husband the message that he won’t get away with it unharmed.

#8. The Royal Moves

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The party animal, Prince Harry, got to show off his royal moves in Jamaica, at one of his charity projects. He was invited for a dance, and he couldn’t say no. Everyone around was pleasantly surprised by his dancing skills. Well, it’s not often to get and see a member of the royal family bust some moves!

#7. Good Fun?

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Prince Harry loves sports, and when he and his polo team won, he decided to spit his opponent while holding the trophy. That was not probably a good impression, and perhaps an unsportsmanlike act, but Harry then apologized, saying that he did not mean it as a rude gesture.

#6. Selfie With The Queen

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There is nothing weird knowing that the Queen is not a fan of selfies. She might like taking photographs, but one thing she doesn’t like is appearing in people’s selfies. Even if this kid didn’t know it’s rude to take selfies without permission, Her Majesty was graceful and endured through the snap.

Talking about selfies…

#5. Photobombing Skills

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The Prince likes to fool around whenever the occasion arises! He showed off his photobombing skills at the rugby tournament in Glasgow when someone wanted to take a photo with the coach of the New Zealand rugby team. Harry seized the moment!

#4. Bolting With Usain

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Harry made friends with many Jamaican natives as his charity projects are focused on his favorite island. One day, he met with Usain Bolt at the track and raced against each other in a 100-meter sprint. They also took the famous pose right before that. Wondering who won? Bolt, with just a few strides (Harry had a 50-meter head start).

#3. Stealing The Popcorn

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Prince Harry was at a basketball game, talking with some friends when an adorable little girl next to him started snacking on his popcorn. He jokingly pulled the bag of popcorn every time she reached out to take some more. She became upset when she saw the popcorn was out of reach and the prince not only stole the popcorn but also the cute frown!

#2. The Nipz!

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If you’re famous and get caught admiring art, make sure you’re not checking out the wooden sculpture of a naked woman. Prince Charles and Camilla were quite interested in this masterpiece, and while Camilla was laughing, Charles was quite taken aback…

Well, at least he wasn’t sleeping through his visit, like this next Royal member!

#1. Daydreaming…

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We’ve all been there: the longest speech in the world, the college lecture, the Queen’s Jubilee ceremony, it’s something you must struggle and not yawn or doze off! Even Harry feels exhausted just sitting there and waiting for things to end! Meanwhile, the lady behind Kate is in a happy place, almost preparing to snore!

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