Former Celebrities Who Now Work Normal Jobs

You all know that it’s never too late to change the field of work, and the same goes for celebrities. They might have been off the screen for years, but we’ll never forget about them. Some of them went through some rough times, selling out and being superstars, and just like out of nowhere, they ended telling people how great they were, while trying to land a role in a movie or releasing a song. Others have prepared for the future, planned things, or just got regular jobs.

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#20. Finding Another Job

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Some celebrities even chose a life away from the spotlight. They might have been great and loved by everyone, but it the end, it was their choice. So, next time you see someone you know at Starbucks or your kid’s professor looks like a celebrity, they might have actually been a star in the past.

Here are some of the famous people who now have regular jobs – we couldn’t believe this one at #4!

#19. Julia Stiles

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Julia O’Hara Stiles debuted in the TV series Ghostwriter. She was also in 10 Things I Hate About You, Save the Last Dance, and The Prince & Me – all blockbusters at the time. But what happened to her? Last we heard about her was in 2017 when she had a son with her husband Preston J. Cook.

The next celebrity is still famous, and we love him!

#18. Jim Carrey

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For the last seven years, Jim Carrey has preferred painting instead of acting, so he chose what made him happier, saying in an interview that it was an “urge he couldn’t seem to control.” His paintings sell fast, and for a lot of money, so his job is quite great and makes him feel more like himself, although his fans would agree that they love the movie actor more than they love the visual artist.

#17. Frankie Muniz

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The child actor that played as Malcolm in the Middle continued his acting career by signing a contract with Jensen Motorsport to be a driver. He also is the drummer for Kingsfoil, a pop-rock band. In an interview, he said that he wants “to be the best drummer I can be for the band and for me.”

The next celebrity didn’t get this lucky…

#16. Chris Owen

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You must know him from American Pie, the big movie hit in the early 2000’s. However, after the series, American Pie’s Sherminator didn’t get his piece of fame or another acting gig. Years of trying to get a part ended with him as a waiter to pay the bills.

The same thing goes with this actress, who just couldn’t find a gig for the past nine years.

#15. Nikki Blonsky

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The Hollywood actress who settled the idea that big is beautiful and thick curves are cute, the young Blonsky thought that after starting in the famous films Hairspray, Queen Sized and Waiting for Forever, she’d continue her career in acting. However, she is now a hairstylist at a salon, since her last project in 2009 ended with no other gig.

You won’t believe the next famous man is still fighting bad guys in real life!

#14. Steven Seagal

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One of the most prominent faces in Hollywood, the master of martial arts, has left his acting career behind but still fight bad guys in real life. Steven Seagal was not just an actor, but he could also sing, direct and produce movies. However, he joined the police force and is now a deputy sheriff in New Mexico.

#13. Jeff Cohen

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Jeffrey Bertan Cohen started young in The Goonies, produced by Spielberg. He was only seven years old, but his acting was great. However, he quit his career and focused on getting an education. Now he is a lawyer and works at a law firm in Los Angeles. He is one of the stars that somehow prepared in advance, as this other famous lawyer at #11.

#12. Amanda Bynes

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The young actress had a show on Nickelodeon, but some personal issues and legal problems ended with a mental health breakdown five years ago. After treatment and support, Amanda is now graduating this year from the Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) to become a fashion designer. She also ha some offers for roles and thinks to re-enter acting later this year.

#11. Charlie Korsmo

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The young star appeared next to Robin Williams in the film Hook. But just like Cohen, Korsmo’s brilliant mind was thirsting for knowledge. So he attended MIT, got a degree in science and then became a lawyer and a professor at the Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio.

This actor at #7 is a school teacher!

#10. Phoebe Cates

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Back in the 1980s, Phoebe Cates appeared in top movies like Gremlins and Fast Time at Ridgemont High. However, almost a decade later, she preferred to retire from acting and become a full-time mom for her two kids. She now owns a boutique called Blue Tree, in New York and supports the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

#9. Freddie Prinze Jr.

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You’re all looking at the crush of all women since the 90’s. Freddie Prinze Jr. appeared in She’s All That, and I Know What You Did Last Summer, and for the past years, he’s been a voice actor for animated shows and video games. And believe it or not, but this man has just landed the lead role in I Mom So Hard, on CBS.

#8. Kevin Jonas

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Not so long ago, the famous band Jonas Brothers, created by the young Jonas brother, split up because of a fight between them. Kevin left his music career and found a new job. He launched a food app called Yood, which helps people look up restaurants.

#7. Danny Lloyd

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You’ve definitely seen the Shinning! Well, the kid starring the in the movie is none other than Danny Lloyd, a 5-years-old boy who soon after the film was released, he couldn’t find another role. He quit his acting career and here he is all grown up and not planning to go back to acting. He is a biology professor in a Kentucky high school!

#6. Dylan Sprouse

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Remember when the Sprouse brothers appeared in the 1999 comedy Big Daddy next to Adam Sandler? Later, they made it to the Disney Channel, but the twins’ fame wore off. Dylan didn’t land another role and now is a host in a New York restaurant. His dream is to make a video game, and he’s saving money for it.

#5. Josh Davis Saviano

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Joshua Davis Saviano, or Josh as we know him, was only six years old when he starred in the comedy The Wonder Years. Today, Saviano is 40-years-old, and he’s happier as a corporate lawyer than being a movie star.

And now wait for this guy’s career change…

#4. MC Hammer

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The You Can’t Touch This phenomenon in hip-hop has had some rough times. MC Hammer’s name is Stanley Kirk Burrell, and there was a time when he had to take up acting and other jobs to pay the bills. He then had a debt of $13 million, so he had to file for bankruptcy. Now he is a lecturer in Ivy League University, officiates weddings and even develops mobile apps.

#3. Vanilla Ice

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This rapper and pop sensation is doing just fine today. He was famous for his single ‘Ice Ice Baby,’ and for being Madonna’s lover in the past, but that fame didn’t help him pay the bills. So he invested in real estate, became a home renovator, and now has a real estate website.

#2. Tiffany

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The actress and singer was very famous in the 80’s but the fame was short-lived, and roles or gigs didn’t show up on her street anymore. She then became an entrepreneur and now owns a vintage clothing store in called Tiffany’s Boutique, which you can find in Tennessee.

#1. Taran Noah Smith

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Taran’s career was very short after his role in Home Improvement. Nonetheless, he left it behind, and he is now the CEO of Playfood, which is an organic, vegan cheese company.

When fame comes and goes, switching careers is never too late. That is why it is always wise to have a backup plan!

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