People Find The Saddest Thing In The Basement Of Abandoned House

20. Barking From The House

It wasn’t unusual for the neighbors of this abandoned house to hear barking from inside the building. Some of them had reported it to the police and learnt some dreadful secrets… Click next to see what was happening!

19. Dogs Dumped There

After some of the reports some officers went by and discovered that dogs were being dumped there.It was an abandoning house for dogs and it was getting worse!

18. No Food No Water

Neighbors also reported that almost always the poor animals were abandoned there without water nor food and their survival was depended on their ability to bark and notify neighbors.

17. Community Help

Thankfully every time someone from the community was taking the responsibility to inform the police and local animal activists who always rushed to help the frightened pups. In our story, it took some time for anyone to find Benteley.

16. Bentley Was Abandoned

Bentely was a 5-year-old St.Bernard dog that had been not only abandoned in this creepy building but also locked in the basement. Of course there was no food nor water.

15. Confined In A Small Space

The basement of the house was extremenaly small and Bentley didn’t had enough space to even stretch herself. It was dark and creepy and the desperate pup was screaming for help.

14. Barking For Her Life

Bentley kept barking for days and days until her barking alarmed the neighbors that something was maybe wrong again. Not losing a second someone called the police as well as Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR). Let’s see what they managed to do!

13. Detroit Dog Rescue


Detroit Dog Rescue’s mission is to help and recover as many abandoned and stray animals as possible. Their  mission is to build a state of the art, no kill animal center in the city of Detroit.

12. The Rescue

“One officer even scaled the walls down to her while another animal control officer pulled her out. It was a  rescue done by true heroes,” Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR) wrote in a Facebook post. “Detroit Dog Rescue came as fast as we could to get her the urgent medical care he needs.”

11. She Was Afraid

The pup, although it was no trapped anymore in the basement, was really scared and didn’t want to leave the house! Fortunately specially trained dog rescuers managed to lure her out!

10. Trip To The Shelter

The rescuers managed to bring Bentley back to the shelter as fast as possible because they were afraid that the time she spent in such a small place may had a serious impact in her health… And they were right!

9. Her Situation

The pup had a collar on it and despite that she couldn’t life her head properly. It is worth to mention that Bentley was really kind and with perfect manners that rescue workers assumed that she must’ve had a caring and loving family at some point in the past.

8. Well-Mannered!

“She’s very sweet, and he was eager to meet people,” a rescuer said. “It sounds kinda funny, but she was  thankful to be rescued, and so thankful to be out of that hole.”

7. Gaining Weight!

Bentley had lost some weight because of her limited nutrision and she was severely dehydrated! As you can assume she had to gain weight and she had to get it soon!

6. Her First Meal

The vet of the shelter put on water as well as a slow feeding schedule for Bentley to gain back her lost weight in an appropriate and not risky way.

“She just needed to eat, and there was nothing in that basement, except for wood scraps that she was chewing on,”

5. Was Recovering Fast!

Bentley was gaining weight as well as her lost energy back and she was looking better than ever! She was playing with other rescued dogs in the shelter and she never missed an opportunity to run in the fresh grass. The good news didn’t end there! About a month after her rescue something unexpected happened!

4. Her Lost Family Found Her!

Apparently it appeared that Bentley was abducted and then abandoned… Her old family saw the photos the DDR members had uploaded to Facebook and Instagram and called immediately!

3. They Had Been Looking For Her

Bentley’s old family went crazy after she went missing… They filled the neighborhood with posters and even reached some local news stations. Maybe that made her abductor to panic and abandon her in the basement…

2. A Family Reunion!

“They had been looking for her for a month, so it was a happy reunion yesterday,” a rescuer said. “They thought they would never find her again, and she was so happy to see them. They couldn’t believe how skinny he had gotten.”

1.A Happy Ending!

“Everybody was just so happy, and extremely heartbroken over it,” one of the rescuers added. “She was really loved and missing for a long time, so they were overjoyed to have her back.”

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