Lioness Is Introduced To A Strange Cub, Her Reaction Is Incredible

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When this lioness was rescued from a terrible situation, everyone was happy. However, she still didn’t feel like her life was complete. That was when she was introduced to a strange cub… The reaction that she has to him is unbelievable!

20. Caged Lion

Image: Honest To Paws

It all starts with Masrya, a beautiful lioness that was being kept inside of a cage. The cage was kept at the side of a road and she was being treated very poorly. Her life had not been easy.

19. Rescued

Image: The Dodo

The lioness was eventually rescued and brought over to a lion foundation called Stichting Leeuw, which is located in the Netherlands. She would travel a very long distance to get there as she was living in Egypt. So what kind of life had she had?

18. Sideshow

Image: Honest To Paws

While living in Egypt, Masrya was used a s sideshow attraction. She was nothing more than a prop that her owner could use to make money off of. He would bring people over to take pictures of her as she laid in her stuffy cage.

17. Display Animal

Image: Honest To Paws

In order to let people take photos with her, Masrya’s owner had her declawed. She was forced to stay inside of her tiny cage and pose for photos day after day. It was a miserable existence.

16. Two Years


For the first two years of her life, Masrya spent it inside of a tiny cage posing for photos. At one point, her owner pulled her out of the cage and chained her outside to be put out on display. This was during some of the hottest days in Cairo.

15. A Woman

Image: The Dodo

Soon, however, Masrya’s entire situation would change in the blink of an eye. A German woman named Saskia Berandt witnessed the cruel treatment that Masrya was undergoing. She quickly took a photo of the situation.

14. Petition


Berandt took the photo that she had taken and began sharing it online. She wanted everyone to see the horrible treatment that Masrya was going through. Eventually a petition was started to get Masrya out of the hand’s of her owner.

13. Organization


The petition eventually reached the eyes of U.K.-based organization Spots and Stripes Conservation. They started a ton of fundraisers to get enough money to purchase Masrya. Eventually, they raised enough to have her transferred to Stichting Leeuw, the lion foundation.

12. Tons of Lions

Image: Facebook/Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary

The lion foundation is home to lions from all across the world. Many of them have been rescued from terrible situations such as illegal circuses.

11. Bad Condition

Image: Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary

When Masrya finally arrived at the conservation, she was in a terrible condition. She could barely walk and she was in emotional turmoil. Still, there was another serious issue plaguing the lioness.

10. No Claws

Image: YouTube

Since Masrya was declawed, she could no longer hunt for herself. This meant that she would have to depend on the sanctuary for all of her meals. However, things were starting to look better for the lioness.

9. Best Conditions

Image: Honest To Paws

The sanctuary continued to work hard to provide Masrya with the best living conditions possible. They fed her a healthy diet and she had all the space available to move around. Then suddenly, Masrya got the surprise of a lifetime.

8. Introductions

Image: Honest To Paws

Then one day, the most unexpected thing happened. Masrya was introduced to a lion cub that had just been brought into the sanctuary. No one expected what happened next.

7. The Cub

Image: Honest To Paws

The cub was a 4-month-old rescue named Nero. The cub was placed in an enclosure that was right next to Masrya. She was able to get a good look at him each day and the two of them happened to have more in common than you would think.

6. Circus Life

Image: YouTube

Nero was taken away from his mother at a young age and forced to work at a circus. He was also used for photos and was used as a prop for tourists. The circus life was all Nero ever knew…

5. Instant Connection

Image: Honest To Paws

Masrya and Nero’s friendship began through the fence that kept them apart. The two of them would often play through it and would interact all of the time. So the staff decided to finally formally introduce them.

4. Great Pals

Image: Honest To Paws

Once they were introduced the pair became instantly inseparable. They would do everything together and Masrya really saw something in Nero that she adored. It might just be that they both grew up in confined circumstances.

3. Lovely Friendship


The pair could be found playing and kissing all the time. Masrya absolutely adored Nero and the staff at the zoo knew that they couldn’t separate them again. So when it was time for the lions to go home to Africa they knew Nero and Masrya had to go together.

2. Together

Image: YouTube

The pair were both shipped over to the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in Limpopo, South Africa. Nero stays by his adoptive mother’s side at all times and their connection is still just as strong as ever.

1. Living Happily

Image: Facebook/Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary

Both Nero and Masrya are living happily in South Africa. They are enjoying their lives together and are still always together!

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