When She Found These Two Stray Kittens Hugging She Was Stunned

This is a story about two kittens who lived in the street. When these little fellas were discovered they were quite a sight to see. But as the woman who spotted them approached them, she was absolutely shocked by what she saw. She couldn’t believe how these kittens had managed to survive. Read the whole story, because it’s truly touching!

Photo: Courtesy of Love Meow

#20. Two Kittens

These two kittens were living in the street all by themselves, with no one to care for them. Their mother was nowhere in sight and it was obvious that they were orphaned.

Photo: Courtesy of Love Meow

It was a terrible situation for two babies to be in. Besides, it was winter time, so the nights were extremely cold. They lay side by side in a street corner as if waiting for someone to rescue them.

#19. Siblings

But one night, a woman found them. She named these cute little kittens Bane and Ines. She soon realized they were siblings. Take a look at the picture below: aren’t they lovely?

Photo: Courtesy of Love Meow

This picture was taken the same night they were rescued. Let’s not forget that right before they were found, they were without a mother, and they were living in some pretty bad conditions.

#18. Bad Conditions

When the woman stumbled upon them on the corner of a street, the kittens were horribly malnourished and their bodies were covered in fleas. It was a horrible sight!

Photo: Courtesy of Love Meow

As one would expect, when the woman approached them, the poor kittens were incredibly scared and began to tremble. They didn’t know what would happen to them. Luckily, things were about to get better for them.

#17. Pure Luck

The woman discovered these cute little kittens out of sheer luck. It turns out that night she had visited a friend and stayed there for dinner. So when the spotted the baby cats, she was in a neighborhood she wasn’t even familiar with.

Photo: Courtesy of Care 4 Cats Ibiza

While she was heading towards the bus stop, she heard the faint sound of the kittens meowing. She quickly went to see what it was that was making the noise. She was shocked by what she saw.

#16. Holding On

When she approached the kittens, she realized that they were holding onto each other the entire time and refused to let go.

Photo: Courtesy of Pets4Homes

They were extremely scared, evidently considering her as a threat. The woman was heartbroken over the situation.

#15. The Shelter

Seeing that the kittens were in need of help, the woman decided to act quick. Instead of heading to the bus stop, she took a cab and took the kittens to a safe place.

Photo: Courtesy of Diario de Cádiz

She brought the kittens over to the Chatons Orphelins Montreal (also known as Orphan Kittens Montreal). Every year, this organization takes in many orphaned kittens that require specialized ongoing care. Clearly, it was the best decision she made.

#14. Treated

So once the kittens were brought to the shelter, help was on the way. They were immediately treated for all of their ailments.

Photo: Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

But not only were they fed: the vet made sure to administer the proper medication to them as well, and they gave them the vaccines that they needed.

#13. Safe Space

Finally, the kittens were in a safe place. They no longer had to worry about food or being out in the freezing cold. The shelter was working hard to help them get better.

Photo: Courtesy of Love Meow

Besides, they even had a couple of toys to play with. So it was truly a whole different world for them! They had a great time chasing the fake stuffed-animal mice!

#12. Endearing

But these two little cats weren’t the only ones happy. The volunteers that work in the shelter also expressed their satisfaction for having these fellas with them.

Photo: Courtesy of Love Meow

As one volunteer stated:

“Bane and Ines are two little endearing kittens who have a strong bond. Ines always makes sure Bane isn’t far away, and Bane takes care and cuddles with his little sister.”

#11. Socializing

Soon, the cats began socializing with the other felines at the shelter. It wasn’t long before they made a bunch of friends! This helped their recovery process a lot.

Photo: Courtesy of SoiDog

When Bane and Ines arrived at the shelter, there were more than two dozens of cats living there. So one thing’s for sure: as long as they live there, they’ll never feel alone!

#10. Inseparable

From the beginning, the shelter workers knew that Ines and Bane would not be separated from one another. It seemed as if they defended one another at all times.

Photo: Courtesy of Love Meow

In fact, the two were practically attached at the hip and loved spending time together. They were truly dedicated siblings.

#9. Different Personalities

But even though Bane and Ines are siblings, their personalities are actually quite different. Let’s get to know a little bit about them.

Photo: Courtesy of YouTube

According to the shelter’s workers, Bane is the braver one and therefore he is often the one protecting Ines. He’s also way more playful. Ines, on the other hand, is a lot softer…

#8. Cuddly

So while Bane is all about being the big protector, Ines prefers to stay on the sidelines. So basically, she’s pretty much the shy one!

Photo: Courtesy of Woman’s World

Ines is all about the cuddles and you can bet you’ll find Ines snuggling up to Bane during nap time. It’s almost too cute for words! So she’d rather stay on your lap rather than play with the rest of the cats.

#7. Seeking Out

Anytime the pair are separated, even for a bit, they immediately begin to look for each other, as if worried that the other one will get lost.

Photo: Courtesy of Handsongrooming

These two don’t even like to spend a minute apart. The rescue team soon started to take note of this, and they reached a conclusion.

#6. Forever Home

The shelter not only welcomes stray cats: they also try to look for a foster home for them. So the workers are in constant search for adoptive parents who are willing to welcome a cat to their family.

Photo: Courtesy of Your Cat Magazine

But the animal shelter knew that Ines and Bane would never be able to survive without each other. So when they began looking for forever homes, they knew that the cats would have to be a packaged deal.

#5. Difficult

It can be pretty difficult to find people interested in adopting more than one cat at a time. According to the shelter’s workers, 90% of the time people are only interested in taking one.

Photo: Courtesy of Times Union

However, the staff knew that they could never separate these two. So the search began. And when they posted it on Facebook and on their webpage, they were sure to explain that it was either adopting both or none.

#4. Showing Interest

Surprisingly enough, many people began to show interest in the two cats. People loved just how sweet the cats seemed to be and how close their sibling bond was.

Photo: Courtesy of Welovecatsandkittens

So in the end, their closeness came to their benefit. And while the shelter’s staff believed that the chances were slim, eventually the perfect person came along.

#3. Perfect Home

So one day, the perfect person showed interest in adopting the cats. When they met, the three of them got along perfectly.

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

Ines sat on the man’s lap, as he does with most people. But Bane showed quite a lot of affection as well! The shelter knew that it was a good match.

#2. Adopted

So finally, the cats found their forever home. They were adopted together and brought to their new loving home where they will enjoy the rest of their lives.

Photo: Courtesy of Catnations

The shelter uploaded a picture of the two little kittens with their new owner on social media, and dozens of people shared and commented. The cat community was really happy with the news!

#1. Happy Ending

It is amazing to acknowledge that thanks to the help of so many people, these two lovely kittens were given a real chance at life.

Photo: Courtesy of Catnations

Now, these two are finally in a great home and will never ever have to worry about being apart. I know what many of you are thinking: it’s time to adopt a cat!

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