Dog’s Love For 12 Lion Cubs Ends With A Roaring Success

Lions are the kings of the jungle and there aren’t that many other animals that can stand toe to toe with them, or should I say claw to claw. Although, lions are defenseless when they are cubs and they need a mother’s guidance in order to survive in the jungle. This is why most orphaned cubs don’t make it on their own but luckily, some of them find surrogate mothers!

19. The Hunter Becomes Prey

The jungle is a dangerous place and little tiger cubs stand no chance when they are on their own. This is why lionesses are so important in their lives. However, what are little cubs to do when their mother goes missing?

There are many reasons why lion cubs could become orphans, but the most common one is hunters. There are many trophy hunters who seek out lions and this is exactly what happened to a pride of 12 little lion cubs.

18. Orphans

A pride of twelve lion cubs were left orphans after a hunter took their mother away. Luckily, a local farmer took the cubs in and provided them with a home to keep them away from harm’s way. There, they met their new mommy!

17. Good People

Even though the farmer is providing the little cubs with safe shelter and healthy food, the cubs still need something that the man can’t give them: a mother’s love! Here is where the farmer’s mastiff comes in.

16. Meet Beth

Beth is a female Mastiff that took an interest in the little lions. To everyone’s surprise, Beth decided to become the surrogate mother to the twelve lions and to provide them with love and affection.

15. Loving Mother

The most interesting thing about Beth is that no one told her to adopt the lions, she just did that all by herself. Isn’t this incredible? Make sure you keep reading because the next picture is amazing!

14. Maternal Instincts

The farmer thinks that Beth’s maternal instincts kicked in when she saw the poor little cubs and that’s why she adopted them. Beth didn’t have any puppies of her own and she was more than happy to care for the baby lions. But there’s one thing about this loving pooch that you need to know about…

13. Beth Is Adopted!

Another cool thing is that Beth is also adopted! The farmer took her from one of his neighbors and the best thing about this is that he didn’t actually want to adopt Beth at first, but his wife insisted that she will help them out around the farm.

12. Growing Up

Even though the lions have a loving mother and safe shelter at the farmer’s home, they are not there to stay forever. The farmer will help them grow up and then set them free in the jungle once they become big enough to care for themselves.

11. Fierce Predators

The jungle is filled with fierce predators and these baby lions don’t stand a chance all on their own. Luckily, Beth is there to teach them how to defend themselves against dangerous animals. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

10. Difficult Job

Even though Beth is a dedicated surrogate mother, her job is getting more difficult by the day. The little cubs are getting bigger fast and Beth is struggling to keep up!

9. Having Fun

One of the best thing about seeing Beth and her baby lions is that they love to have fun! They are always running around the farm, and they love nothing more than to jump on each other. The next picture will make your jaw drop!

8. Getting Tired

As we can clearly see from this picture, Beth is the first one to gas out while running around the farm. Truth be told, lions are some of the fastest animals on the planet and keeping up with them is not an easy task.

7. Active Mother

Fortunately, Beth is an active dog and she enjoys spending her time running around with her adoptive babies. What would you do if you ever saw a dog playing around with twelve lions? Would you be scared or amazed?

6. Times Flies By

It didn’t take long for the lions to get bigger than Beth, but this was to be expected. Beth is struggling to keep running when these lions are always jumping on her, but she is not giving up that easily! Beth needs to show them that she is the authority figure.

5. Valuable Lessons

This picture shows us how Beth is teaching one of the lions how to fight off attackers. Although, the lions won’t have anything to fear once they grow to their full size!

4. Surrogate Mother

Even though the odds were stacked against the lions when they were left orphaned, they found love in one of the most unexpected places. All that matters is that Beth was there for them when they needed her the most.

3. Amazing Adventures

Can you imagine how many amazing adventures these lions are going to have once they are freed by the farmer? Let’s hope they stick around as a pride and don’t go their separate ways.

2. Remembering Beth

I think it’s safe to say that no matter what happens, the lions are always going to be grateful to Beth for loving them when they needed it the most!

1. Incredible Story

This story is so amazing that it sounds more like a movie that is produced by Disney rather than something that really happened. What did you think of Beth? Did she do the right thing by adopting the little cubs?

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