Senior Shelter Dog Gets Adopted By Woman: Grandma Dot Learned What Love Felt Like

Not many dogs are fortunate to have lived a great life. Grandma Dot, an elderly deaf dog didn’t have an easy life. You could see it in her skinny body or her roughed-up ears. A few months after the old pooch arrived at the LifeLine Animal Project shelter in Atlanta, the vets had very bad news. The old and deaf pit bull had cancer that wasn’t treatable.

Some people would have thought of ending Grandma’s life, but the staff wanted to find the pooch a home to be loved for the rest of her days… And then, Jessica Miller saw Grandma Dot!

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#20. Finding A Home

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When others would have euthanized Grandma Dot, the staff at the LifeLine Animal Project wanted to give this old pooch a chance to receive some love and care from a loving owner. So, they started looking for a foster hospice parent.

#19. She Deserves It

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The shelter gave Grandma Dot all her medication and support and the foster hospice parent had to make sure the pooch was living in a caring home and getting tons of love. After all, Grandma Dot deserved to learn how it feels to be loved!

#18. A New Volunteer

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At the beginning of that summer, Jessica Miller just competed for her LifeLine Animal Project volunteer orientation. She then had to take a tour of the shelter as the last part of the project. Then, she saw Grandma Dot…

17. She Saw Grandma Dot

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Miller recalls that “the very last kennel we stopped at was Grandma Dot’s.” Then, the tour guide started talking about the dog’s life and the diagnosis she just received. They added that the pooch needed a home to live her last days.

#16. Learning About The Pooch

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They knew she wouldn’t have much time and desperately wanted her to be in a loving environment for whatever time she had left,” explained Miller. And knowing how difficult life has been for this senior pup, she took a decision…

#15. A Leap of Faith

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Then, Miller said that she “was instantly moved and knew that was my purpose.” With no hesitation, Miller ‘took a leap of faith and took Grandma Dot from the shelter’. Happy days followed.

#14. Grandma’s New Home

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All the days of neglect were left behind. No more months living at the shelter! Grandma was in her own home, enjoying her new bed. Miller is so happy that her old pooch is living life and she got spoiled every day!

#13. Loving The Car Rides

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Grandma Dot might be old, but she loves going on car rides, with the air conditioning making her ears fly. She’s so enthusiastic for her age and health condition, that it’s no wonder nobody wanted to put her down…

#12. Getting Tons Of Treats

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The pooch is all about licking everyone and that’s what makes her adorable. Miller said that whenever the pooch gets ice cream, she inhales it in a second, but she “turned her nose at fried apples“. She gets tons of treats!

#11. Grandma Gets Her Treatment

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With so many steroids and anti-inflammatory pills, Grandma deserves all the treats in the world. She looks fine, but her cancer cannot be treated because of her old age. Everyone just had to make her life worth its while…

#10. A Heartbreaking Moment

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Some days, knowing that she would have to say goodbye to Grandma Dot, Miller has broken down a few times. She ‘just held her and cried’ but had to go on. This is what she said.

#9. Changing The Life Of A Dog

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The thing that makes it so much better is seeing how much joy she has for everything I’m able to give her,” said Miller. The hospice mommy gave Grandma Dot everything the staff at the LifeLine Animal Project hoped for.

#8. A Happy And Spoiled Pooch

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It only takes one person to change the life of a dog“, said a spokesperson with the shelter. Jessica Miller is that special person for Grandma Dot, teaching the pooch ‘what it feels like to have a human love her, care for her and spoil her,’ she added.

#7. Her Last Moments

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She will now leave this world as a happy dog who was loved and spoiled because one person decided to selflessly see her through to the end,” said the spokesperson. Miller’s selfless act could be seen in Grandma Dot’s happy face…

#6. The Saddest Update On Social Media

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Then, three wonderful months passed, and Grandma Dot had to be put down. Her condition got worse and she was in pain. The vets realize that it was time for the pooch to say goodbye to everyone who loved her…

#5. Crossing Over The Rainbow Bridge

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Miller wrote on social media about Grandma Dot’s passing: ‘Knowing that someone or something is dying never makes it any easier to say goodbye.’ This is how a long and emotional post started…

#4. Her Condition Got Worse

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She then continued explaining that their main goal was to spoil Grandma Dot, until “her quality of life began to slip“. That’s when they all knew it was time to say goodbye. Grandma’s health was decaying, she couldn’t lay down comfortably…

#3. Consulting The Vets

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As hard as that was to watch we consulted with the vets and knew it was time,” continued Miller. They knew it was enough… Before her last moments, Grandma Dot received her last ice cream cone and tons of treats while waiting…

#2. It Was Heart-Breaking

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They all waited for Grandma to peacefully pass away, said Miller: “When it was time, she passed very peacefully surrounded by people who loved her.

#1. No More Suffering

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Saying a final goodbye was very difficult for everybody who knew Grandma Dot. Miller was at peace, knowing she did the right thing: ‘She isn’t suffering, she didn’t die in the shelter alone, and she finally knew a real and loving home!’ Finally, Grandma Dot got all she ever wanted: Love and a place to call home.

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