Hero Dog Sees Baby Freezing In Siberia – You Won’t Guess What He Did

When you think about Siberia, two words come to mind: frozen hell! Ok, it has its beauty, there are huge forests and beautiful wildlife too. But when winter comes the landscape is unforgiving, with temperatures reaching -40 to -50 degrees Celsius!

And if you’re venturing through Siberia in wintertime, you must be prepared or the consequences can be fatal. With that in mind, who would ever let their child outdoors in that weather? Well, you won’t believe what happened to this 2-year-old boy during a Siberian winter…

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#20. Heavy Snow And Freezing Weather

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It was a regular day for the people in the Altai region, Russia. Winter had just started, and on one of the first cold nights of the year, the temperature dropped to -12° Celsius. However, little did the neighbors know that there was a little boy outside…

#19. Two Days of Suffering

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As it turns out, this two-year-old boy had spent two entire days sitting on a porch after being abandoned by his mother. The poor boy had nothing to eat or to drink, no shelter, and what’s even worse, he had to endure the freezing temperatures!

#18. A Little Help

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But what did the boy do during those 2 days out in the cold? How did he survive? Well, it appears to be that he received help from an unlikely friend. Can you guess who? You won’t believe it!

#17. Siberian Winters

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For many, putting up with winters in Siberia is challenging. However, spending a couple of nights outdoors with -20°C is just impossible. But this boy was lucky, as he was visited by a puffy white dog! But how did the dog help him stand the cold and the ice-cold harsh winds, one may wonder?

#16. He’s Alive!

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The dog stayed right next to the boy both days during the entire night, thus keeping him warm. When the abandoned boy was found, nobody could believe he had actually survived two freezing nights outdoors.

#15. A Hero With No Name

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Once the boy was found, all the Siberian news outlets started sharing the story. where spreading the news. Nobody knew what the dog’s name was; all they knew was that the brave little pooch had saved the boy’s life using his own body heat. It turns out that the dog lived in the house where the boy had been abandoned. But now, the question is: who found these two pals and how?

#14. Call The Ambulance!

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Two days after the boy’s disappearance, one of the neighbors spotted the boy half covered in snow and they immediately called an ambulance. When the boy got to the hospital, doctors saw that he was suffering from acute hypothermia, but there were high chances he was going to survive. But what about the pooch?

#13. A Full Recovery

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Thankfully, the toddler fully recovered. As for the mother, she was going to face serious criminal charges for abandoning her child. She will face jail time and she has lost the rights to raise her child. You won’t believe what she did…

#12. Four Days Later

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Believe it or not, the mother of the child appeared four days after abandoning him. The Siberian news outlets didn’t mention any of their names or if the dog belonged to the mother. But this wasn’t the first time that a pooch saved a baby from freezing. Slide next and read our next fascinating story!

#11. Not The Only Hero Dog

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This amazing pooch is not the only dog hero in Siberia. Three years before this little boy was abandoned, a little girl went missing for 12 days. Thankfully, her pooch was there to save her. You won’t believe this story!

#10. The Mowgli Girl

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On a winter day, a three-year-old girl named Karina followed her father through the Siberian wilderness but at one moment she got lost. Her father had no clue his daughter was following him, but the mother believed that Karina and her dog were with the father…

#9. The Search Begins

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When the father went back home, they realized the girl was missing. They searched throughout the whole town, but there were just no signs of her. They reported to the police, and the following day, the official search began. The girl’s parents were worried because the four-year-old had spent a whole night out in the cold!

#8. Not A Clue

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A week went by, and there still wasn’t any signs of the little girl. They figured that the girl could have followed her dad through the fields, so they sent policemen and helicopters to explore the area. The problem was that helicopters could barely see a thing due to the thick foliage.

#7. The One Last Hope

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There’s one important detail we forgot to mention: the family’s dog had also gone missing on the same day. Therefore, the couple hoped that wherever they were, the dog would be looking after her. But one week after their disappearance, the dog showed up at the doorstep. The family was now hopeless: now they knew the dog wasn’t with her, which meant she was all alone and defenseless.

#6. A Forest Full Of Bears

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To make matters worse, if the girl had indeed lost herself in the forest, this meant she could have been attacked by some wild animal, such as by bears. In fact, when the police explored the forest in search of any clue, they were armed in case they came across a bear. But can anyone guess how the events began to unfold?

#5. The Girl Was Helpless

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On the second week, the police decided to take the family’s dog with them. Maybe, he could help them find the little girl. And guess what? The authorities found the 4-year-old thanks to her dog, who led the way to her hiding place!

#4. Good Ol’ Dog

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Believe it or not, the girl survived for 12 days barefoot and outdoors in the middle of the ice-cold Siberian winter! And the craziest part is that she only had a few scrapes on her feet. When the little girl was taken home, she saw her dog again, and the first thing she did was scolded at her pet. She yelled at him: “Why did you leave me?” But little did she know that he was the one that helped everyone bring her back home!

#3. Traumatic Experience

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Karina’s family couldn’t believe she was alive, and she spent a couple of weeks resting and recovering weight. According to her mother, Karina demands people not to ask her about those days as she never wants to talk about it, and she gets nervous if people insist.

#2. Living Off Berries

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The little girl had to live off berries and lie on beds of grass for 12 days. She was protected by her dog for 9 days and spent the last 3 on her own. So this is a living proof that dogs really are courageous, loyal and loving. Not only are they the best friend a child could have, but they are also great guardians!

#1. Dog Heroes

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There’s nothing that could stand between the love of a dog and their human friends. Not even the harsh Siberian weather! These pooches should be showered with love and rewards for their brave and selfless acts of love! Which story did you like best?

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