Blind Raccoon Turns Up With Two Unexpected Bodyguards

Raccoons are adorable little things, but they usually aren’t too friendly. Despite being so cute, raccoons are wild animals who don’t like being around humans. However, this raccoon that you are about to see makes an exception to that rule and you won’t believe why!

20. Cute Raccoon

Raccoons are some of the most adorable animals but sadly, we can’t say the same about their behavior. They are usually known for stealing food and going through people’s garbage!

19. Garbage Thief

Even though most people associate raccoons with stealing, this doesn’t mean that they are mean-spirited. You won’t believe why they steal from people’s backyards.

18. They Are Hungry

The only reason why raccoons go through people’s stuff is that they are looking for food. This is why most people find it difficult to get mad at them, even though they might damage their backyards.

17. Raccoon Keeps Showing Up

Our story starts when a young woman notices that a raccoon keeps showing up in her backyard. The woman fed him once and he kept coming for more! How do you think she reacted to this?

16. Great Friends

The woman says that she quickly befriended the strange raccoon and it was her pleasure to feed him delicious treats. However, there was something special about this raccoon…

15. Special Raccoon

The woman quickly became accustomed to having the raccoon in her backyard and she loved giving him food because he looked adorable! Little did she know, there was something different about this animal. Let’s see what made him special.

14. The Woman Notices Something

After the woman received a couple of visits from the hungry raccoon, she noticed something quite strange. The raccoon would always bump into things and he never learned how to climb the steps.  Why do you think this was happening?

13. The Raccoon Is Blind

Sadly, the raccoon was blind. The woman figured this out after seeing how he doesn’t care for his surroundings and because he always bumped into things. This made her care more for him. One day, the raccoon brought a friend with him.

12. Bodyguard

One day the raccoon didn’t come alone! This time he had a bodyguard with him and it was a black cat. What do you think the woman who kept feeding the raccoon food thought about this?

11. The Cat Is Just Hungry

The woman initially thought that the cat was simply hungry and that there wasn’t something special about this, but this was not the case!

10. Personal Guide

It seems like the cat is the raccoon’s guide! The cat was going around him making sure that he doesn’t crash into something. Don’t believe me? Just look at the next picture and see for yourself.

9. The Cat Is Watching Over The Raccoon

As we can clearly see, the black cat was walking around the raccoon in order to help him find his way to the food. The woman didn’t believe what she was seeing and she quickly put some food on her porch. Let’s see what happened next.

8. Feeding Time

The cat helped the raccoon get over the steps and to the food. The two friends ate the bowl of food that was set on the porch and then they left. You won’t believe what happened next!

7. Another Cat Shows Up

Another black cat shows up out of nowhere. The woman who was seeing this couldn’t believe what was happening. The other black cat was also helping the raccoon find his way to the forest.

6. Leading The way

With the cats leading the way, the blind raccoon had nothing to worry about. This amazing adventure seems to be taken from a Disney movie, doesn’t it?

5. Three Best Friends

From the looks of it, these animals were just three best friends looking out for each other. While this friendship is definitely strange, no one can deny that it’s amazing.

4. To The Woods

Now that the raccoon ate his food, the two black cats are showing him the way to the woods, back to his home. You won’t believe what the woman who noticed all of this did next!

3. Adopting The Stray Cats

The woman saw how helpful and nice the stray cats were to the raccoon and she decided to adopt them. Isn’t this amazing? Let’s see how being house cats suits them.

2. Happy Cats

The two cats were super happy that they finally had a home and someone to love them. Nonetheless, the thing that made the woman take these two black cats in is how much they cared for that poor raccoon. Sadly, the raccoon’s story doesn’t have a happy ending.

1. The Raccoon Passed Away

The raccoon passed away in 2015 and he lived for at least five years. Even though this might be sad, the life span of an average raccoon is three years and this means that the blind raccoon had it better than most. What do you think about this story?

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