Arkansas Animal Refuge Houses 60 Animals And They’re All Friends

What strikes me the most about animals is that they don’t care about things like sex, color or ethnicity. They see people and other beings for who they really are. This is why there are tons of stories about unlikely friendships between different animals, but what you are about to see takes things to another level.

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#20. Special Animal Refuge

Today we are going to share with you the story of a special animal refuge that holds 60 different animals. We’re talking about the Rocky Ridge Refuge located in Midway, Arkansas, a rural hamlet with a population of 1,100.

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But the most amazing thing about this refuge is that all these 60 animals are good friends! From exotic creatures to more common animals, they are all taken care of and treated as if they were a group.

#19. Unexpected Friendships

Even though some of these animals are really different, they somehow managed to become friends! From cats and dogs to deer and capybara, they all live together harmoniously.

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For those of you who remain skeptical and don’t believe this story, then take a look at the picture above. Had you ever seen a deer share its meal with a turtle and a capybara before?

#18. Bath Time!

If you’re an animal lover like I am, I bet you could pass hours and hours looking at the pictures of the different species of animals doing things together. For instance, isn’t this happy doggy just the most adorable thing ever? And isn’t it hilarious that he’s taking a bath with a giant capybara right next to him (who by the way, doesn’t look so amused)?

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Well, if you look up the Rocky Ridge Refuge’s webpage, you’ll find further pictures of the different animals that live there. But now, let’s find out who is behind this fairy tale animal refuge.

#17. Janice Wolf

Janice Wolf is a 20-year-old woman who started the animal shelter with one purpose in mind: to give animals a place where they could live peacefully. In her words, she has been working in establishing an “animal group home”.

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With this aim in mind, Janice rescues different animals in need of medical care or home and then looks after them. Therefore, all of the animals grow used to being surrounded by different species. Don’t you think this picture is amazing? The dog really seems to enjoy the chicks’ company! But if you found this one touching, then the next one will leave you in awe!

#16. Happy Turtle

We all know that dogs are very friendly and sociable creatures, but what about turtles? If you ask me, I’d say that they aren’t the type of animal that seeks company. But this picture taken in the refuge proves me wrong.

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As you can clearly see, this turtle is good friends with the family dog. And the dog really seems to be enjoying the turtle’s company! Well, this type of unexpected friendships is what makes the animal refuge just like a fairy tale!

#15. All Types Of Animals

As we have mentioned, this place holds 60 animals, but while most refuges only take care of cats and dogs, this one receives exotic animals as well. So the creatures that you’ll find here range from dogs to capybaras, miniature horses… and even a zebra!

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Doesn’t this refuge seem like it’s taken straight from a Disney movie? The goat, the capybara, and the zebra are going for a walk side by side as if they belonged to the same species. Impressive!

#14. Having Fun

One of the most amazing things about this refuge is that somehow, all 60 animals love being around each other! The refuge’s staff say that despite their differences, the animals love nothing more than to have fun together.

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Take a look at this picture. The capybara really seems to be enjoying both his bath and the dogs’ company. Some of the dogs are sniffing the wet capybara closely, while others glance at him at a distance, but the lovely creature doesn’t seem to mind at all.

#13. Rocky Ridge Refuge

The Rocky Ridge Refuge is getting quite popular because of how cute its animals are. Besides, Janice loves to publish pictures of the animals both on the refuge’s webpage as well as on Facebook.

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When Janice realized that plenty of people visited the site, she decided to start asking people for donations. So if you visit the webpage, on the menu you’ll find the “Donations” option. However, there’s another way that Janice Wolf generates money…

#12. Selling Calendars

Year after year, the refuge’s Facebook page receives more and more likes. As a result, Janice realized that she had to use social media as a way of collecting more money. Noticing how popular the animals’ pictures were, she came up with a brilliant idea.

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A couple of years ago, she started making calendars with pictures of these cute animals and putting them for sale. Janice says that she is lucky Facebook gives her the opportunity of doing this because the upkeep of all these animals is quite pricey.

#11. Sharing A Meal

Now, let’s get to the part that you were all waiting for: the animal pics. We will share some of the pictures that Janice has chosen for the calendars she sells on Facebook. You can’t miss any of them!

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This puppy looks confused, but who wouldn’t be if they shared a meal with a capybara? The capybara, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind the company. Without a doubt, it’s a very cute image, but the upcoming picture will melt your heart!

#10. Big Smile!

This big smile says it all! The dog sure is happy to live in the refuge. His eyes seem to radiate joy. The refuge has plenty of dogs, and it is also important to mention that many of them are put for adoption. Don’t miss your chance! This little fellow might be waiting for his new parents.

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But I bet you’re waiting to see pictures of more exotic animals. Well, wait no further: the upcoming photo is even more amazing than this one!

#9. Kittens and Baby Skunk

Now, this is what I call an unexpected friendship. Did you ever imagine a couple of kittens and a baby skunk living together? These three cute little fellows really seem to enjoy each other’s company.

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Let’s just hope that the kittens stand the skunk’s smell! Keep on sliding through the article, because the most jaw-dropping pictures are yet to come!

#8. Fluffy Dog

Who needs a bed any longer when you can sit on a fluffy dog instead? This baby goat knows what she’s doing. But the best part is that the dog doesn’t seem to mind at all. It’s almost as if he were used to having exotic animals walking all over him.

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But this is not the refuge’s only unexpected friendship. But just when you thought things couldn’t get more adorable, this next picture shows up!

#7. Adorable Smile

I know what you’re thinking: this has got to be photoshopped. Well, believe it or not, it’s 100% real! The dog is winking his eye as if saying: “How fun is this?”. And the three little chicks really seem to enjoy playing with him, don’t they?

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Who is cuter? The doggy or the ducklings? Now, this is an impossible question to answer. What I can say, though, is that the following picture is equally touching.

#6. White Goat

Goats are not known for being likable, but it seems like this white one is an exception to that rule. Look at her smile! She really seems to enjoy the furry little fellow’s company.

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The way this doggy holds her in her arms is simply amazing. And the dog has such a peaceful expression, doesn’t it? This picture is just priceless. But the picture that comes next is just bizarre.

#5. In The Middle Of An Argument

This picture is hilarious. While all of the ones we have seen up til now featured animals smiling or enjoying each other’s company, this one seems to show a duck and a sort of capybara in some sort of argument.

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But I wonder what they’re arguing about… maybe about who is cuter? Well, no matter the topic, the duck seems to be saying: “Why is it so hard for you to understand?”. Let’s just hope they can settle things down.

#4. Movie Star Raccoon

Is this Rocket? The famous raccoon from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie? Without a doubt, he looks just like him! But one thing’s for sure: I seriously doubt that this little raccoon is even half as tough as the Marvel character.

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The dog seems to be stretching as if he had just woken up from a nap. In fact, now that I think about it, there’s a high chance the raccoon was the one who woke him up, don’t you think? Whether this was the case or not, the dog doesn’t seem to mind.

#3. Feeding Time

It seems like both animals are hungry. Good thing the woman has enough food for both of them! These cute fellows are probably used to eating together, but looking at a deer and a capybara having lunch side by side is just fantastic.

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Nonetheless, here are two last pictures of unusual friendships between animals that have been taken in other parts of the world. Can you guess what animals they are? You’ll be surprised.

#2. The Elephant’s Little Friend

Now, this is a truly unusual friendship! If you think about it, it’s funny that in these last pictures (like the one with the three chicks), the dog seemed to be the big one. But now, the dog looks like an ant compared to his 3-ton friend!

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The elephant better make sure whenever he walks not to step on the cute doggy’s tail! But the dog doesn’t seem to be afraid at all: he’s just pure bliss!

#1. Lion And Deutschland Dog

I have no idea how this friendship came to be, but there’s no denying that this is amazing! Can you imagine how awesome it would be to see a dog and a lion having fun together?

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But what’s great about this picture is that they’re not just having fun: they’re resting together side by side. The lion seems to be enjoying the little dog’s warmth, while the dog is gently pressing his nose on the lion’s giant face. Could it be any cuter?

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