Arkansas Animal Refuge Houses 60 Animals And They’re All Friends


The most amazing thing about animals is that they don’t care about things like race, color or ethnicity. They see people and other beings for who they really are. This is why there are tons of stories about unlikely friendships between different animals, but what you are about to see takes things to the next level.

20. Special Animal Refuge

Today we are going to share with you the story of a special animal refuge that holds 60 different animals. The most amazing thing about this refuge is that all those 60 animals are good friends!

19. Unexpected Friendships

Even though some of these animals are really different, they somehow managed to become friends! Have you ever seen a deer share its meal with a turtle before?

18. Bath Time!

Isn’t this happy doggy just the most adorable thing ever? Nonetheless, let’s find out who is behind this fairy tale animal refuge.

17. Janice Wolf

Janice Wolf is a 20 years-old woman who started the animal shelter with one purpose in mind, to give animals a place where they can live peacefully. If you think this picture is amazing, then the next one will leave you in awe!

16. Happy Turtle

As you can clearly see, this turtle is good friends with the family dog. This type of unexpected friendships is what makes the animal refuge just like a fairy tale!

15. All Types Of Animals

The refuge holds 60 animals and they range from dogs to capybaras, zebras and miniature horses! Doesn’t this refuge seem like it’s taken straight from a Disney movie?

14. Having Fun

One of the most amazing things about this refuge is that somehow, all 60 animals love being around each other! The refuge’s staff say that despite their differences, the animals love nothing more than to have fun with each other.

13. Rocky Ridge Refuge

The refuge is called “Rocky Ridge Refuge” and it’s getting quite popular because of how cute its 60 animals are. This is why Janice Wolf is able to run the entire thing through donations. Although, there’s another way that Janice Wolf generates money…

12. Selling Calendars

Seeing how the refuge is all about helping animals in need, Facebook has allowed Janice Wolf to sell calendars with pictures of these cute animals. Janice says that she is lucky Facebook is allowing this to happen because the upkeep of all these animals is quite pricey.

11. Sharing A Meal

This puppy looks confused, but who wouldn’t be if they shared a meal with a capybara? The upcoming picture will melt your heart!

10. Big Smile!

This big smile says it all! The dog is surely happy to live in the refuge. The upcoming picture is even more amazing than this one!

9. Kittens and Baby Skunk

Now, this is a truly unexpected friendship. Did you ever expect to see kittens and a baby skunk living together? Nonetheless, the most jaw-dropping pictures have yet to come!

8. Fluffy Dog

Who needs a bed anymore when you can sit on a fluffy dog instead? This baby goat knows what she is doing. And just when you thought things couldn’t get more adorable, this next picture shows up!

7. Adorable Smile

Who is cuter? The doggy or the ducklings? Now, this is an impossible question to answer.

6. White Goat

Goats are not known for being likable, but it seems like this white one is an exception to that rule. The way this doggy holds her in her arms is simply amazing.

5. Arguing

It seems like these two are arguing about something. I wonder what it is about… maybe they are arguing about who is cuter?

4. Movie Star Raccoon

Is this Rocket? The famous raccoon from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

3. Feeding Time

It seems like both animals are hungry. Good thing the woman has enough food for both of them! Nonetheless, here are two more pictures about unusual friendships between animals.

2. Elephant and Dog

Now this is a truly unusual friendship! The elephant better make sure whenever he walks not to step on the cute doggy’s tail!

1. Lion and Deutschland Dog

I have no idea how this friendship came to be, but there’s no denying that this is amazing! Can you imagine how awesome it would be to see a dog and a lion having fun together?


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