Scared Shelter Dogs Can’t Stop Hugging Each Other

This is the amazing story of Adonis and Apollo. Things were not looking good for these two best friends because they were abandoned at a high-kill shelter from Texas. To make things even worse, it was hard to find an adoptive family for them because they wouldn’t let each other go. Their love for each other will prove to be what saves them in the end.

20. Adonis and Apollo

These two cute dogs are Adonis and Apollo. Their story is heartbreaking at first, but everything changes for the better after a woman named Jennifer sees how cute they are. Don’t worry, you will soon find out who Jennifer is.

19. The Animal Shelter

Despite being the cutest dogs ever, Adonis and Apollo were abandoned at a shelter. The sad part about this wasn’t only the fact that they were abandoned, but the fact that it was a high-kill shelter. You won’t believe what that means.

18. High-Kill Shelter

There are some shelters which can’t afford to keep animals for too long and if they aren’t successful in finding a family, the shelter gives up on them. This is a sad thing to hear, but it is the hard truth. To make things even worse, these two best friends wouldn’t let go of each other!

17. Scared

Adonis and Apollo were so scared that they were shaking with fear. This is why they always hugged each other, as a means of coping with the fear. But who can blame them? Everyone would be terrified if they were abandoned by their family and didn’t know how to take care of themselves.

16. Always Together

“A bonded pair is always difficult to place, but look at them… How can they ever be split up?”, said one of the shelter’s employees. Fortunately, Cindy Droogmans who is the founder of the A-Team Elite Rescue and Dogs saw Adonis and Apollo. What happened next is amazing!

15. Saving Adonis and Apollo

The only thing that Adonis and Apollo had going on for them was that Cindy Droogmans decided to give them a helping hand. Cindy took the two best friends to her own vet in Huntington, New York. After checking them out, the vet told Cindy why they were probably abandoned.

14. Heartworm Positive

The vet told Cindy that the two dogs are heartworm positive and that this is the reason why Adonis and Apollo’s owner probably abandoned them for. Nonetheless, Cindy decided to give them a full treatment and make them feel better. Check out the next picture and see what other amazing things Cindy did for the two dogs.

13. Name Tags

Cindy wanted to let Adonis and Apollo know that they are not alone anymore and she got these cool tags for them. People like Cindy are rare, but this isn’t where her good deeds would stop. She knew that she needed to find a family for them.

12. Adoptive Family

The only way for Cindy to make sure that Adonis and Apollo are loved and cared for was to find an adoptive family. This is where things got difficult because the two dogs didn’t want to be separated. However, Cindy didn’t give up on them and did this next thing.

11. Taking Cute Pictures

Cindy decided to take some cute pictures of Adonis and Apollo and to post them on the internet. Cindy even made a Facebook page for them in hopes that the right person might see it. Do you think Adonis and Apollo found an adoptive family?

10. Social Media

Now that Cindy put their pictures on social media, a woman named Jennifer saw them and decided that she wants to be the one to save them! You won’t believe how happy Jennifer looks after saving them.

9. New Family

As you can clearly tell, Jennifer was more than happy to take these two cute boys in her family. Although, this is not the first time that Jennifer saved animals in need. Check out the following pictures and hear what Jennifer has to say.

8. Rescuing Animals

“Since moving into our new house a year ago, with four acres, we have been wanting more rescues”, said Jennifer. While it seemed like things were finally going great for Adonis and Apollo, they still needed some time to get adjusted to their new house and family.

7. Adonis Runs Away

Jennifer says that when she first brought the dogs home, Adonis was so scared that he ran away! He didn’t know that Jennifer was there to save him, but he soon found that out. You won’t believe how much time Adonis was lost for.

6. Lost For 24 Hours

Adonis ran so fast that no one was able to find him. The dog was lost for a full 24 hours before he was found by the rescue team and brought to Jennifer’s house once again. This is what Jennifer had to say about this whole ordeal.

5. Crying and Shaking

“The trackers team did an amazing job… I was crying and shaking all over”, said Jennifer. On the bright side of things, Adonis realized where his new home was and that he was finally getting some love.

4. New Family Members

Adonis and Apollo were welcomed as new family members in Jennifer’s family. This was an amazing turn of events for the two dogs who were so scared that they wouldn’t even leave each other’s sight at first.

3. Always Together

The dogs didn’t only get to stay together, but they also got an amazing family to support them. This is a rare case and not all dogs share the same fate. Fortunately for Adonis and Apollo, Jennifer was there for them.

2. New Friends

Adonis and Apollo love to interact with everyone who comes by to visit Jennifer. Jennifer says that they are making new friends every day! Isn’t that amazing?

1. Happy Dogs

People don’t usually adopt pairs of dogs and we have to give praise to Jenny for being such an amazing person and taking both dogs in. However, we can be sure that their cute fluffy faces also helped with that!

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