Cow Runs Away From Farm To Join Herd Of Wild Bison

Do you ever feel like going wild from time to time? This happens not only to humans but also to animals! A cow decided that life on the farm was too mainstream, so she just escaped and went a bit… wild. And by wild we mean, she joined a herd of gigantic bison. The funny thing is that she doesn’t want to go back home.

It sounds like a movie where the main character runs away to join the circus, but this case is the real deal!

20. Spicing Up Her Life

We don’t know what was in the cow’s mind when she decided to spice up things and just go into the wilderness. Was just a teenager’s moody personality? Was it a midlife crisis? Let’s see…

19. Gone With the Wind

It was the beginning of a beautiful autumn in Poland when a cow went missing. Then, someone saw a weird looking bison in the Bialowieza Forest, close to the border with Belarus.

18. That’s a Weird Bison…

Someone saw an unusual bison grazing at the fringes of the herd. There was a big bison herd at the edge of the forest and Adam Zbyryt was a bit intrigued. Here is what he said.

17. It ‘Caught My Eye’

Adam Zbyryt is a scientist that studies birds and he was out with his crew when he first saw the bison herd. ‘One animal caught my eye’, said Adam. And he then realized that it wasn’t a bison after all!

16. That’s Not a Bison!

‘It was a completely different light-brown shade from the rest of the herd. Bison are chestnut or dark brown’. The men were shocked to see a cow mingling with the wild animals. Of course, he informed the media. You won’t believe what happened next!

15. The Famous Cow

Just for your information, the cow’s picture didn’t make it on milk cartons, because she didn’t just disappear: she was living the life! The media soon came to see her and the herd. The story became viral!

14. A First Look

Adam Zbyryt told TVN24 that he first believed that the animal was a mutated bison, but then he inspected it and he realized that it was a French Limousin breed of cow, popular in Poland. What did biologists have to say about this?

13. Biologists Came to take a Look

Rafal Kowalczyk went to see the cow and told the media his perspective on the whole ‘getting wild’ thing: ‘This is a young cow, not too coordinated with the group. Bison are like one organism and she stands out’. And that’s not all!

12. Trying to Fit In

It might be a bit difficult to get coordinated with the massive herd of bison, but this didn’t mean that the cow was less pleased about it. And if you thought that it was just a phase, you couldn’t be more wrong!

11. She’ll Come Back

People thought that once the harsh winter would start, the cow would have no other option than coming back home, where she would have shelter and food, but guess what?

10. A New Life

The cow was seen again, in the winter, close to the heard of bison by Rafal Kowalczyk, and it seems like she’s not willing to go back home. Here’s what the biologist believes…

9. Great Bodyguards

The cow probably remained with the bison because they protected themselves and her from the wolves that live in that region. But there is an issue: the cow should not be allowed to stay with the herd anymore. Why not?

8. A Small Bison Population

In Poland, there are only 600 bison in the wild and they must be preserved. This means that once the cow grows old enough to breed, she might alter the genes if she mates and gives birth to hybrids.

7. Domesticated Genes

The cow could be a threat to the natural order, contaminating the bison population with her domesticated genes. And there is also one big issue for the cow’s safety.

6. Giving Birth

‘Another danger is that hybrid calves are large, and the cow could die giving birth’. So, the cow should better just roam free and not breed, or else she’d be in big trouble! But there’s a solution…

5. There’s Some Hope

The cow is too young to breed, and the winter adventure will soon stop when the spring comes. She will be recaptured by the officials and sent back home. Her life will not be in danger and she won’t endanger the bison species either.

4. Time to Go Home

The adventure will end and we admit that we’ve got a soft spot for this cow that chose to live on the wild side of life. She bonded with a different, yet a bit similar species and she endured the tough life of a wild animal!

3. Will She Go Home All By Herself?

Cows are known to find their way back home from grazing on the fields. Will this party girl get enough of her adventures and come home on her own?

2. Living the Life

It’s not always you hear of a cow running from home to kick it off with a bunch of bison! It’s like she decided one day to leave everything behind and run off into the forest.

1. Waiting For a Happy Ending

We don’t know if the cow came back home or she was caught and sent back by the officials, but we hope she made it back safe and sound.

This story is an inspiration for those that just wanted to go wild for a bit. We don’t say you should go and run with the herd of bison… but you get it!

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