Baby Jaguar Is Miraculously Brought Back To Life, Now He’s Happy With His Human Family

The survival of the species is very important, especially when some animal populations are going extinct. For example, there are almost 15,000 jaguars in the wilderness. Being threatened with extinction, zookeepers and conservationists are doing everything they can to keep the species alive. Imagine what happened when Spanish zookeepers found out that their jaguar was pregnant!

Everyone was more than excited to see the cubs, but a tragic event happened and zookeepers almost lost all the cubs… They needed a miracle to save one cub and it happened!

20. Xena, The Jaguar

The vets at a zoo in Madrid found out that Xena the jaguar was pregnant. Everyone got very excited and couldn’t wait to see the cute tiny cubs. But they weren’t prepared to see THIS…

19. Excited and Prepared

The zoo staff prepared for Xena’s cubs and everyone was ready to welcome them into the zoo. But after Xena gave birth to her cubs, something awful happened.

18. A Tragedy Soon Struck Them

Xena was a stressed mother and she had killed her two cubs before anyone could interfere. It was a tragedy, even though this behavior is normal for a stressed mother. With the jaguar population decreasing, it was a horrible event.

17. Rapid Extinction

Jaguars live in the wild in Central and South America, but in the last few decades, their numbers have diminished considerably. So, having two new cubs would have been a great boost in their population…

16. But There Was Still Hope

But vets soon discovered an amazing news: Xena was still pregnant with another cub that didn’t get out. The vets needed to act soon and keep the cub away from the mother. Surgery was needed to save the cub.

15. El Bosque Veterinary Hospital

The hospital in Madrid stepped in and examined the mother jaguar. They reached the conclusion that they will have to put the mother under surgery. She needed to get a C-section to get out the unborn cub. Everyone was both scared and excited…

14. A Risky Procedure

This huge cat was quite a challenge for the vets, but the 12-person team handled the operation heroically. It wouldn’t be easy, but saving a baby jaguar was worth it. And so they started…

13. A Tiny Male

The cub was removed from the mother, but complications soon appeared. The cub was not breathing and the vets believed that it was stillborn. But nobody wanted to give up, so they did everything they could…

12. Emergency CPR

A vet took the cub and started giving it CPR with a pump. Another vet pressed on the cub’s chest to start the heart beats. But it looked like nothing was working. So, Dr. Patricia Garrido came with one last solution.

11. Mouth-to-Mouth

Dr. Patricia Garrido thought that, as a last resort, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation would be worth a try. The other vets watched her and could only pray for the cub to be alive.

10. Eight Gut-Wrenching Minutes

While Dr. Patricia Garrido performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, an assistant felt the cub’s body for a faint heartbeat. The whole process took eight minutes, but in the end, a miracle happened

9. A Tiny Heart Beat

The cub had a heartbeat and as soon as they realized that not all was lost, the vets prepared the cub for an incubator. They gave him a few shots and cleaned him and waited to see him breathe on his own. Will the baby jaguar be ok? See it for yourself in the next photo.

8. Ali The Baby Jaguar

The cub was named Ali and one of the operating vets, Antonio Rodriguez explained that those eight minutes were full of an unexplainable emotion: ‘I’m really happy with my team’s work and we got a great reward’.

Let’s meet Ali in the next photo. He’s adorable!

7. An Indescribable Experience

‘The experience of seeing an animal start living and breathing after our help is really amazing. It is indescribable’, said Antonio. Now Ali would have to be nursed by the staff, as he would not see his mother.

6. It Was Too Much of a Risk

The vets and the zookeepers would not risk Ali’s life by sending him back with Xena. So, the vets decided to take the cub to a different zoo. Ali would need a surrogate mother and he’d have to be bottle fed around the clock.

But how was Xena feeling after the surgery?

5. Xena Was Healthy

The mother jaguar went back to her zoo after recovering from the surgery. She was fine, but she wouldn’t be fit to raise her cub. So Ali went to a family who fostered him: Olavo and Tahone took him in.

4. A Strong Baby

Shortly after he was stabilized and he was out of danger, he was transported to the couple’s home. There, he received the best care. Ali thrived next to his human parents. Look at how healthy and cute he looks in the next photo…

3. Two Months of Joy

The jaguar cub learned to swim and in two months, he grew too big for that home. Ali needed another place to live and he immediately found a perfect spot. He would soon lead a fulfilling life in his new home.

2. An Unlikely Outcome

Ali wouldn’t have been alive if not for the team of veterinarians. The zoo staff and the vets acted fast and they have finally saved a jaguar’s life!

1. A Lovely Kitten

Ali was lucky to be born. Because his life wasn’t normal, and he wouldn’t have survived in the wilderness all by himself, he would live among the humans that cared for him and that loved him from the moment they met him.