Blind Dog Finds New Unlikely Friend That Helps Him Get Around

Life is tough when you cannot see what is around you anymore. Dogs suffer more from sight loss, as they depend on it for moving around and running or playing in the outdoors. Even though hearing and smelling help a lot too, a blind dog is truly limited.

But this lucky boy has some help and he is finally getting up from his blanket to go outside for a walk!

20. An Old Farm Dog

Terfel is a blind farm dog. For years, his sight has been gradually damaging and there was no going back. So, he feared of bumping into things while blindly walking around and just gave up

19. Living In His Box Bed

Poor Terfel just gave up walking or running. He simply started living his life in the tiny box bed. He is 14-years old and not only he’s visually impaired, but he’s also partially deaf. His story will break your heart.

18. People Are Lucky

There are a lot of tools or gadgets that can help people with poor eyesight. But Terfel or other dogs don’t have any of that. He only has his master. But soon he will meet an unlikely new friend!

17. It Was a Tragic Beginning…

The current owner is Judy Godfrey-Brown of Holyhead, and they both live in North Wales. But the previous owner hit Terfel against a wall when the dog was very young…

16. Another Tragedy Hit Terfel

That’s when the poor dog went partially deaf and his vision was also altered. Moreover, when Terfel turned eight years old, vets spotted cataracts on the dog’s eyes. It wasn’t long until the dog’s eyes turned milky white.

15. The Dog Had a Sad Life

Soon, Terfel started bumping into furniture and hurting himself. He figured that if he stays in his bed, he won’t get any more injuries. But for a farm dog that needs exercise to stay healthy, his life was now miserable. But then something miraculous happened…

14. A Brilliant Idea

One day Judy had a great idea. She believed that this way Terfel would not spend so much time in his basket. She took in a stray cat that she named Pudditat. It would soon turn out to be an unlikely friendship.

13. Pudditat Was A Bully With Other Cats

Judy said that Pudditat was ‘not very nice to the other cats’. But the cat’s heart would soon be warmed by Terfel’s mellow and insecure personality. So they bonded and Terfel got to walk again! Check them out in the following phots. They’re amazing together!

12. A Great Friendship

‘I think Pudditat must have realized that Terfel was a bit vulnerable’, said Judy. Terfel also trusts Pudditat and follows him closely. Now he isn’t bumping into furniture anymore and the cat even opens him the door. Don’t believe us? Check out the photo at #9.

11. Sharing a Life

Pudditat and Terfel share one life: they sleep together and snuggle in the dog’s bed and the cat also helps Terfel walk. So, Judy took in a stray that turned out to be her dog’s guide. But here’s what makes their relationship unique…

10. A Unique Relationship

Before having Pudditat, Judy had other five cats and Terfel didn’t show any of them the same love. You could say that their relationship was unique. The dog recovered his confidence with the help of a cat! Here’s how everything works…

9. How Does It Work?

If you’re wondering how does the cat guide the dog around, Judy’s eager to explain: ‘He uses his paws to guide him. They are glued to each other’. And Pudditat also opens doors for Terfel. And there’s more!

8. A Great Help

The cat not only helps Terfel to wander the house and avoid couches, chairs or corners. Terfel also gets guided outside, and the old farm dog gets to feel and walk in the outdoors again.

7. A Lovely Image

Whenever they go out, Judy said that ‘they’re nose to tail with Pudditat in the lead and Terfel following him’. If you’re used to seeing dogs chasing cats, then these images are absolutely lovely!

6. On Their Own

Judy is an old woman and taking Terfel for a walk is sometimes a difficult task. But now she can count on Pudditat’s guidance! The cat opens the door and takes the old pooch out for a breath of fresh air.

5. The Perfect Duo

Judy admitted that she hasn’t ever seen such a duo ‘that have got on quite so well as these two, and they relied upon each other in that same way’. These poor animals would have had a terrible life if not for Judy…

4. Imagining a Life Without the Cat or the Dog

Terfel would have wasted away in his bed without the help of a furry companion to show him his way. And Pudditat would have remained a stray cat, with nobody to love him or to care for him.

3. Best Friends Forever

These pets are the true definition of friendship: affection, confidence, and relying on each other when in need of help. The cat gets his way, being the guide and the boss and Terfel gets to enjoy the walks and the company too!

2. A Dark Place

For dogs that once were able to see their surroundings, suddenly becoming blind can be confusing and scary. Having a friend that helps you find your way in the dark surely feels relieving!

1. Bringing Back His Will to Live

Having Pudditat around, Terfel’s will to live has returned. He’s no longer scared to go out, because he can trust that his guide cat is right in front of him, brushing his furry body to show him his way.

Terfel’s life is now a little brighter with Pudditat by his side.

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