Tiny Dog Refuses To Leave The Shelter Without His Big Brother

Sometimes, even dogs need a four-legged buddy. One day, a stranger saw a pair of dogs wandering the streets and he thought they would have a better life at the animal shelter. These dogs looked so different, but they were inseparable! The odd pair received the names Bonnie and Clyde, and they would have never dreamed what the future would look like.

Once they saw them, caretakers realized that the dogs had an odd behavior

Photo: Courtesy of thedodo.com

#20. Partners In Crime

Photo: Courtesy of thedodo.com

These two dogs were found on the streets of Arizona. They were a pair of strays rescued by Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC). That’s where the staff named them Bonnie and Clyde.

#19. They Are A Bonded Pair

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Seeing that these two guys were so bonded, they were put in the same kennel. Soon, the staff at the shelter would understand how inseparable the pooches were…

 #18. Together Forever!

Photo: Courtesy of boredpanda.com

The smaller pup is Clyde and Bonnie is the bigger one. These two guys are not just bonded; they are literally inseparable! Canines love to cuddle, but Bonnie and Clyde are a special pair!

#17. A Weird Position

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Clyde loves to stay perched on Bonnie’s back and the big gentle pooch doesn’t mind it. Here’s what the MCACC’s public information officer, Jose Santiago, said in an interview…

#16. It’s A Package Deal

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‘Initially, we thought it was a fluke, but it started happening a lot. Now it is unusual to not see them that way.’ They look very cute together and they surely made it clear that whatever happened, they won’t let go of each other.

#15. The Little Spoon

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Clyde sleeps in Bonnie’s fur, being the little spoon. There are not enough words to describe their wonderful relationship, but you can see that what they have is very special. You won’t believe what happens later!

#14. This Is So Cute!

Photo: Courtesy of thedodo.com

‘It’s comforting to know that they are bonded so strongly to alleviate any stress’, said Santiago. But this also meant one thing: it was important that they find a home to accept them both.

#13. The Mother Figure

Photo: Courtesy of thedodo.com

Bonnie is more like a mother for Clyde and the little Chihuahua mix relies on the older Labrador mix. Santiago also said that whenever they’re out for a walk, Clyde freaks out if Bonnie gets out of his sight!

#12. Becoming Famous

Photo: Courtesy of facebook.com

The duo has become quite famous. It was a national sensation: first, the local news did a story on them, then it became viral on all animal websites. Imagine how much attention was drawn to the shelter and how many people wanted to adopt them!

#11. A Lucky Family

Photo: Courtesy of youtube.com

As families started to ask about adoption, only one was lucky to get this cute package deal. The Hayes family has three young girls who fell in love with the odd pair! Look at how happy they all are!

#10. Melting Everyone’s Hearts

Photo: Courtesy of thedodo.com

Before adopting Bonnie and Clyde, the Hayes family checked out all the dogs in the shelter, but they were especially attracted to this cute pair. So, on August 4, 2017, they took the pair to their forever home. You won’t believe how the pooches reacted when they realized that they’re leaving the shelter together!

#9. A Home Of Their Own

Photo: Courtesy of facebook.com

Thankfully for Bonnie and Clyde, they were still together. They both receive a lot of love from the family and the young girls have earned something in return: they learned what friendship really is!

#8. One Big Happy Family

Photo: Courtesy of facebook.com

Just looking at these pictures we can see that Bonnie and Clyde now have a loving family and no longer have to worry about food or shelter. They have a home of their own and they are still together!

Bonnie and Clyde are not the only pooches in this situation. The next unusual pair is even more heartwarming!

#7. Another Pair of Bonded Dogs Melted Out Hearts

Photo: Courtesy of 3milliondogs.com

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control had another similar case. It’s the love between a Boxer and a Chihuahua. They too have been found wandering the streets together…

#6. The Same Funny Position

Photo: Courtesy of istilllovedogs.com

Apparently, Chihuahuas like to stay on top of the world, because this little guy stood perched on the big guy’s shoulders too – perhaps to keep warm? Soon, they would also get famous: their case was seen 4,000 times, reaching over 261,000 people.

#5. Buster The Boxer And Little Miss The Chihuahua

Photo: Courtesy of facebook.com

Each dog received a fitting name and would soon have to get adopted. It would have been heartbreaking to see them leave separately, so the shelter made it clear that adopters had to take both dogs.

#4. A Spoiled Miss

Photo: Courtesy of 3milliondogs.com

If you’re wondering why the Chihuahua’s been named Little Miss, it’s because she’s a spoiled princess. She barks at Buster when she needs something and the poor big fella deals with it. We’re in awe!

#3. California, Here We Come!

Photo: Courtesy of 12news.com

Little Miss and Buster would soon go to a home in California. It was difficult for the shelter to choose a home, because there were so many requests, that they had to hold a drawing. When the owner found out, she was ecstatic!

#2. The Emotional News Reached the New Owner

Photo: Courtesy of facebook.com

Sonya Evans was in tears when she was given the great news. She could take home Buster and Little Miss. She soon went to the shelter to pick up the pair and offer them a loving home.

#1. Chilling In The Sun

Photo: Courtesy of facebook.com

These two guys have everything they ever needed: a loving home, a safe place to live and more importantly, they have each other!

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