This Unusual Friendship Between A Dog & A Duck Will Surprise You

There is nothing cuter than two different species sharing an inseparable bond. Here we have the story of Max the dog and Quackers the duck – two very different animals who were able to put their differences aside for the sake of a beautiful friendship. You’ll aww over just how adorable this friendship is and how it got started in the first place!

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#20. Unusual Bond

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Meet Max the dog and Quackers the duck. Max is a 12-year-old Husky and Quackers is a 4-year-old duck. These two are actually best friends and you’ll never catch them apart. They happen to live in a small town in Strout, Minnesota and everyone loves them! You won’t believe what a ruckus they’ve made.

#19. Small Town

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The small town where they reside is home to only 25 people. For the people that live in this town, the sight of Max and Quakers brings joy to their hearts. “Sometimes on my way home I actually hope they’re out there because they’re just too precious to look at,” said neighbor Alisa Godejahn.

You won’t believe the traffic jams they cause.

#18. Traffic Jam

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No matter if it’s a rainy or sunny day, these two are always together and always traveling side by side. In fact, Highway 28 often gets quite congested with traffic due to people stopping and snapping pics of the two together. So how did this friendship begin?

#17. Adopted

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Max was only 5 years old when he was adopted by Patrick and Kirsten Riley. He developed a very close bond with their other Husky, Sasha. However, an unfortunate circumstance soon hit the pair.

#16. Passing Away

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Sasha eventually passed away, leaving poor Max to fend for himself without his closest friend. Max was lonely and had no one to give his love and attention to. That was until he would meet his new best pal Quackers.

#15. Quackers

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The Rileys adopted Quackers when he was just a little duckling. Quackers was also a lonely fellow and didn’t have any friends around. The Riley’s believe that this was what started the friendship between the two.

#14. Instant Friendship

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He was without any friends, and so Max would sit next to his pen all the time and I think they just kind of bonded that way,” Patrick said. “After we let him out, they just never left each other’s side.” The pair were inseparable and nobody could break their bond at this point.

#13. A Connection

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It seems that this unlikely duo was able to create a friendship out of a similar longing. Both were lonely and both were looking for a pal to fill in the void in their hearts. Kirsten continued to explain just how close the pair is and you won’t believe it.

#12. True Closeness

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They sleep together, they eat together, they drink together, they go for walks together down the road. Everything is together,” Kirsten added. Most of the time the pair can be seen talking a stroll down Highway 28, which is where most of the townspeople see them and where most of the traffic starts…

#11. Picture Time

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We see people stopping over there all the time. The traffic gets clogged up over there sometimes because of all the pictures getting taken,” Alisha Godejahn added. The funniest part is that people end up sending the pictures to the Riley’s and their reaction is priceless.

#10. Brighter Days

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The Riley’s love receiving photos from all of the neighbors and they absolutely adore the fact that their two animals can bring everyone so much joy. “They love it. They say it brightens their day. They’re so happy to see this different friendship and love,” Kirsten said. However, Max isn’t the young pup he once was…

#9. Aging

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The Riley’s are quite aware that Max is getting older and is no longer a young dog. In fact, he happens to be 84 years old in human years. So this friendship duo is made even more special as Max was able to accept someone so different from him at such an old age.

#8. Forever Friend

Photo: Courtesy of Celebrity Pet Worth

Some people have said that a duck will find a mate, a companion, and once they have that companion they’re set,” Kirsten said. “And that’s what Quackers found with Max.” If you loved this unlikely pairing then you’ll fall in love with this next real-life Fox and Hound friendship!

#7. The Fox & The Hound

Photo: Courtesy of Bored Panda

Whether or not you’ve seen Disney’s epic film The Fox and The Hound you’ll still be able to appreciate this amazing friendship between Tinni the dog and Sniffer the wild fox. The way these two met is like right out of a storybook.

#6. Norwegian Forest

Photo: Courtesy of Bored Panda

Tinni the dog met Sniffer the fox when he and his owner were walking through a Norwegian forest together. Tinni’s owner, photographer Torgeir Berge, was unsure about whether the two would actually get along. However, they quickly became the best of friends and he was able to capture some pretty amazing moments.

#5. Captures

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Berge now goes out of his way to follow Tinni and Sniffer around as they play in the forest. He uses his photography skills to capture some of the greatest moments between the pair as they run around the forest together. The situation has even caused Berge to write a new book.

#4. The Experience

Photo: Courtesy of Bored Panda

The experience of bonding with a fox has changed Berge’s mind greatly about Norway’s fox-fur trade. He is working now to ban the hunting of foxes for their fur and he hopes to accomplish this by writing a book called The Fox And The Dog. He is currently working on it with fellow writer, Berit Helberg. You’ll be stunned by what he plans to do with his earnings from the book.

#3. Similarities

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Berge began to notice, “how similar foxes and dogs actually are” and labels the fox, “the ‘dog of the forest’.” A large portion of his proceeds from the book will be donated to help his conservation and anti-fur trade campaign.

#2. Food For Thought

Photo: Courtesy of Bored Panda

Why should some animals be in small, narrow claustrophobic cages without freedom just because…humankind wants to look good?” Berge noted. We can obviously learn a little something from the kindness that these animals have shown to one another despite being completely different species.

#1. Strong Bonds

Photo: Courtesy of Bored Panda

It isn’t every day that you see such strong bonds between animals. Be sure to share this article with your animal-loving friends and family members so that they can fall in love with this amazing story as well.

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