Adorable Rescue Dog Drops 20 Pounds & Inspires The Internet To Follow Their Dreams

Struggling with our weight is a pretty common problem, especially here in the United States. Who hasn’t had the serious dilemma of working hard to drop those extra 10 – 20 pounds? Believe it or not, though, sometimes even our pets struggle with trying to lose weight too. Here’s the inspiring story of Miss Butterworth the Chihuahua and her weight loss journey that will leave you feeling like you can accomplish any one of your dreams. Stick around for the dramatic weight loss revealed in #8 and #6.

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#20. Organization

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The Asheville Humane Society is an organization dedicated to finding animals their new forever homes. They have a strict No-Kill policy and work very hard to find animals great adoptive family’s to take them in. The shelter is located in North Carolina and has raving reviews.

#19. New Pup

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The Asheville Humane Society was very excited when they received their newest walk-in: Miss Butterworth. She came into the shelter around the end of June and the staff at the organization absolutely fell in love with her and her full-figure.

#18. Chihuahua

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Miss Butterworth was perfect to the animal shelter as she was friendly, loving, and absolutely adorable. The only problem that the 9-year-old dog was struggling with was her weight and the shelter knew they had to do something about it.

#17. Left Behind

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You see her original family left behind Miss Butterworth so it was up to the organization to get her in the best shape for her health. So they decided to make her health their top priority so that she could be put up for adoption as soon as possible.

#16. Plump Grape

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She had a little tiny head and a great big body, and she just looked like a giant stuffed grape,” said Sharon Wood, Miss Butterworth’s foster. The medical staff then went and weighed Miss B and found that she was 20.2 pounds, making her morbidly obese.

#15. Employee

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She was dropped off by a family member of the person who owned her previously, who passed away,” said an Asheville Humane Society employee. “No one in the family could take care of her, and she was overweight, and our medical team said, ‘We cannot spay her. She needs to lose some weight before she can do that.'”

#14. Weight Loss Journey

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According to the medical staff, Miss B should have been about half her size based on her tiny frame. Her weight wasn’t just a vanity issue either as it was severely impacting Miss B’s health and happiness. She was finding it difficult to do just about anything.

#13. Health Concerns

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Miss B’s extra weight was preventing her from enjoying her life. She was unable to move around easily and her size was also making it difficult for her to breathe. Since she could not be spayed she was placed into foster care and put on a weight loss plan.

#12. Big Changes

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The organization decided to put Miss B on a strict diet and exercise plan. The end goal was to help her lose ten pounds so that she could eventually be adopted. They decided to launch an online campaign to get the Internet involved and it soon became viral…

#11. Slow Start

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Miss B’s regime started off slow with a 5 – 10 minute walk each day. They never pushed Miss B and they allowed her to exercise based on her own pace and comfort level. As she began to lose weight she was able to move faster each time and everyone was excited for Miss B!

#10. Social Media

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The organization set up the online campaign for Miss B and would periodically update it with her progress. They never expected it to blow up the way that it did. Soon all of the update posts about Miss B would receive hundreds of likes and comments supporting Miss B’s progress.

#9. Updates

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Many of you have been following Miss Butterworth’s inspiring weight-loss journey,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post. “She came to us around 20 pounds, barely able to move and having trouble breathing, due to morbid obesity.”

#8. Update Continued

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According to one of the contestants, “She needed to be about half her size, and Miss Butterworth’s life was in danger. Fast forward to her latest weigh-in … Miss B. was down to 15.9 pounds!!!

We do her weigh-ins every couple weeks, and she’s lost 20 percent of her body weight,” another shelter employee added in.

#7. Donations

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The shelter decided to use Miss B’s post to help gather donations from users that were greatly invested in her story. “Will you donate “$15 for 15 pounds” in honor of Miss Butterworth?? The donation will directly benefit the Asheville Humane Society’s Foster Program,” the Facebook post read.

#6. Relatable

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I think a lot of people can relate to her weight-loss story,” said a shelter employee. “A lot of people have their own weight struggles, and to see this sweet dog trying the best she can, I think people can relate to that.”

#5. 6-Month Update

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After 6 hard months of work and persistence, Miss B had lost all the weight she needed to.

Thank you to everyone who supported Miss Butterworth and followed her story! We especially want to thank her foster parents, Sharon and Barry, for all of the time and effort they spent caring for Miss B. and managing her busy social schedule!” The shelter wrote on their site.

#4. Goal Reached

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Finally, after all that hard work Miss B was ready to undergo the surgery that would make her eligible for adoption. Everyone on Facebook was eager for Miss B to be up for adoption as everyone was super invested in her and looking to snatch her up for themselves.

#3. Surgery

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In addition to getting spayed, today Miss Butterworth will also have a dental, as her teeth are in desperate need of cleaning. Dental care is extremely important to the overall health of our pets!” said the Facebook post.

#2. Success

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Miss B’s surgery was a success and she was wrapped up in blankets so that she could recover in comfort. “Miss Butterworth is safe and sound, resting comfortably after her surgery today!!! Her spay went very well and so did her dental cleaning.” The Facebook update said.

#1. Adoption Time

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Everyone has been looking to adopt the cutie so the organization set up an online application process so that they could find the best family for Miss B. Miss B’s story is quite an inspiring one and we can all take a lesson from her determination and persistence.

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