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If You Don’t Think Your Kids Need A Dog After Seeing These Pics, You Must Be A Cat!

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”A dog is a man’s best friend”. As the saying claims, dogs are our best friends due to the fact that they are loyal, they bring us joy and sometimes they protect us, too. However, there is a strong belief that dogs, especially the large ones must not be around children because they will hurt them but guess what, that’s not true.

If a dog has been trained the right way and the parents have learned to the kids to respect it, a dog can help children in many ways. He learns them to respect the company, it provides them with friendship and pure love. So don’t be afraid of the right dogs around the right children. If you still have something holding you back, the following photos will change your mind. Don’t miss photos #17, #14, #6!

20. Love Is In The Air

This seven-month-old boy was playing by himself when this great Pyrenees dog decided to accompany him so he sat beside him. By the way, they look each other everyone can understand that this was love at the first sight. Click next if you want to see how a disabled boy found his perfect match. It’s heartwarming.

19. Perfect Match

The parents of this ten-year-old boy, who lost the lower part of his arm, were searching for a few weeks in order to find him a friend. So when they saw this dog they were sure that it was the perfect match! Click next if you want to see a doggo trying to escape in a car!

18.We’re Leaving This Place

These two are best friends forever. They play together, they have fun and they really enjoy each other’s company. They are planning their escape together, too. When you see this photo you can easily imagine the little boy saying to his friend, ” Have no fear pup, I’m going to get us out of here! ”. Do you want to see a vicious pitbull fighting with a toddler? Click next.

17. Vicious Pitbull Wrestles With Baby

It’s a common belief that large dogs, especially pitbulls are aggressive and no good to be around little kids. However, that’s not true, because with the right training every dog is harmless. In that picture there is a pitbull playing ”fight” with that toddler but as you can see he is so gentle and they are having a great time. Click next to see a puppy giving a kiss to a little girl!

16. Kisses

This sweet girl is really affectionate with her little puppy, as she gives him a kiss behind the glass door that is dividing them. The little pup loves her too as he is trying, standing on his two feet, to kiss her back.

15. We’re Never Drinking Again

After a long and tiring day, this little boy always comes home and cuddles with his best friend. It helps him to relax and especially after a day that wasn’t that good for him, it helps him to feel a lot better.

14. Best Halloween Outfit

Most of the little girls, when it comes to Halloween they like to be dressed as a princess, a model, a fairy etc. But here that’s not the case. This little girl decided that she wanted to be dressed as her best friend, a sheepdog! Aren’t they adorable?

13. I Won This Time Doggo

Every day, this girl and her puppy are fighting over the vent. It sounds bizarre, but every morning these two are having a conflict over who is going to enjoy the warmth of the vent on his butt. The girl won today and the pour doggo seems upset.

12. Forever And Always

The girl in the photo was only a few months old when she first me the dog that latter would become her best friend. He was protecting her as a baby and he will protect her now. He never leaves her side and they have been best friends for three years and counting.

11. Sleep Tight Little Babies

After hours of playing together, these puppies and their hooman are so exhausted that the little girl is laying on the ground and the pups are sleeping on her. Everyone can bet that these three had the time of their lives playing together!

10. Inseparable

Always together. Inseparable. The boy can’t stand being away from his best friend, that adorable little puppy. He prefers spending his time and sleeping in that cage if that means that he will spend as much time as possible with this pup.

9. Don’t Be Sad Little “Hooman”

This is an example on how caring and loving are dogs. This little boy was sitting on the floor crying and his puppy rush into him in order to comfort him. How gentle and sweet of him. Look how he is trying to make his friend feel better. It’s adorable!

8. Now Cough A Little

The dog is keeping company to that little boy and he is calm as the toddler ”examines” him. He is so gentle and kind as he allows to that little child to use him as his patient and the kid really seems to enjoy their game.

7. Are They Coming Yet?

Look at these two watching people passing by. Maybe they are waiting patiently for a member of their family to come home. Who knows? However, what we know for sure is the trust that this little kid has on his friend. It’s obvious by the way the kid is leaning on the dog.

6. Love At First Sight

This little girl is a week old and the family dog loved her since the first time that he saw her. He never leaves her side and he is there to protect her and make sure that she is safe all of the time. He adores her.

5. Travelling The World Together

This doggo is the best company for that boy who likes to travel. They go to many adventures together and this adorable dog is always willing to protect his human from anything that may be a threat for him.

4. Stop It Hooman! It’s My Blanket!

”This blanket will be mine!”. ”No! It’s mine!”. This boy enjoys playing with his pup by pulling the blanket from him. However, this pup will not lose his blanket without a fight. Regardless their conflict, it’s obvious that they are having fun together.

3. Partners In Crime

This kid and his dog are without doubt partners in crime. Look at the guilt on their adorable faces. They are for sure planning on doing something. They always know how to get in trouble when they are together. You can’t fight them!

2.It’s Cold! Take My Blanket

This sweet dog believed that the little girl needed his favorite blanket more than he needed it. So he decided to give it to her in order to protect her from the cold and to show her how much he cared about her. Such a nice gesture!

1. The Face Of Pure Happiness

This pitbull seems so happy to be cuddling with his little hooman. He seems to be enjoying every single moment of their time. The kid seems very happy, too. It seems that these two are having a great time together.

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