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Thomas Neal was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He was a bookseller before shifting to publishing where he worked at a literary development company, a creative writing website for millennials, and as a book reviewer of adult and young adult novels. He lives in New York City and is obviously a voracious reader. He has just released his debut novel and working on his second already!
They Came Across A Giant Orca, But Something Didn’t Look Right

They Came Across A Giant Orca, But Something Didn’t Look Right

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Whаt Is VPN?

VPN is аn аcrоnym fоr the term Virtuаl Privаte Netwоrk.

Just Friends? Secrets to Get Past The Friend Zone

Your ex has just come to you and said that it is better that you are just friends, how do you try and make it more? The challenges that appear from still being in love with your ex but being in the “just friend’s” mode can add more strain to having more.

Stages OF Grieving

There are several stages of grief, and while you may feel that your emotions are out of control or just all over the place. The emotions of loosing someone you love is a hard time to deal with, you are not alone. Emotions you feel when you are grieving are all normal.

Infrasound: The Source Behind Ghosts

For a long time, human beings have believed in a paranormal world, ruled by deities, ghosts and spirits.Till date, no scientific proof exists to prove their existence. Until now. It’s called ‘Infrasound’ and it involves fooling your eyes.

The Interstellar Voyage to Forever

The Interstellar Voyage to Forever

The Voyager Spacecraft has been one of the most durable and successful of NASA’s deep space probes.

Learn From Taylor Swift’s Street Fashion Sense

Taylor Swift has always successful small fashion during his appearances, even the most casual as an output in the streets of Los Angeles…

How to Ask a Girl For Her Number

Any girl would give her phone number to you only when she trusts you. It is possible that you might have to try hard to get her phone number or it might take some time.

How Science Can Help Protect Women

How Science Can Help Protect Women

Women are important part of any society so, it is the responsibility of every citizen to take care of welfare of women. However recent cases of rape and murder of innocent girls shocked the whole world.