Treating Stretch Marks on Breasts

Breasts are said to be a symbol of femininity and sexuality. After reading this statement many of you are going to nod your head and if stretch mark appears on your breast, you are surely going to get tense. 
Stretch marks are said to occur anywhere on your body where there is excess fat or where there is excess stretching. It is mostly seen near the lower part of the stomach area, then near things, buttock, arms and breast.  When stretch marks start to appear it first looks dark red or purple color lines, then it gets faded and look white colored lines on your skin. It is not a disease that is going to hamper your life. Still these stretch marks need care tips and treatment, so that you can get rid of these marks. Since stretch marks should not fade your beauty. 

Basic Reason:
If you had stretch marks on breast, then there must be some reasons for these stretch marks to appear on your breast. So the basic reasons are:

  • Pregnancy: When you are expecting, then your breast grows in size and weight. This increase in size causes stretching of breast tissues. 
  • Weight Gain and Weight Loss: If you had extreme flexibility in your weight, then you may have stretch marks on your breast. If you are obese and lost weight quickly your breast skin is going to look saggy and have stretch marks. Same is true when you gain weight quickly, you are going to have stretch mark, though your breast is not going to look saggy.
  • Puberty: If you are a teen and going to attend puberty or had attended puberty, you may notice stretch marks on your breast.  It is due to hormonal changes. You are now growing, thus becomes susceptible to stretch marks on your breast.
  • Genetics: If your mother has stretch marks, then your chances of having stretch marks are increased. 
  • Medication: Many researchers say that if you are using corticosteroid based cream or lotion or any taking any medicine then you may have chances of having stretch marks.

Tips To Prevent Stretch Marks On Breast:
The first line defense is always the homemade or natural treatment. After that, you may go for other treatments. So the basic natural tips to prevent stretch marks on the breast area are:
Start applying cocoa butter or bio oil when you get pregnant or see any type of stretch marks on your breast.
Use Aloe Vera plump and massage onto your breast. It is a good treatment for skin problems.
Lemon Juice is naturally acidic, thus helps to heal and reduce stretch marks.
Olive oil is effective antioxidants. Rub this only daily onto your breast.

Different Methods to Treat Stretch Marks on Breast:
Now you know what the home remedies for treating stretch marks are. It’s the time for treating stretch marks on breasts with other methods:

  • Topical Cream: If you take care at a very early stage by applying stretch mark cream on your breast or anywhere on your stretch marks, it is going to help you.  These creams act as a moisturizer which helps to make the skin smoother. It helps to protect the stretching mechanism by stimulating collagen production and preventing further degradation of already appeared stretch marks. It helps to improve skin elasticity and also helps to reduce skin inflammation.
  • Laser Resurfacing: Not all the skin is suitable for laser treatment. Still this laser resurfacing gives your skin a chance to reset and grow a new skin layer. For example, vascular lasers are used on new stretch marks that are still red or pink.  
  • Breast Revision Surgery: Breast revision surgery helps to tighten the skin by filling up the breast. This breast revision surgery if augmented with implants can give your breast a good look, because your breast is lifted and your breast tissue is firmed up.

Treating stretch marks on your breast is essential. You internal beauty needs care. If anything has changed in your breast you need to be conscious. If you stop stretch mark at an early stage, you can get rid of these. Start using natural treatment for your breast stretch marks.  Once gain nod your head and say yes, you are going to take care and treat your stretch marks.

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