The Importance of a Registered Domain Name

It is an important address to the website. Having it offers the same feeling you derive from owning the title to a newly purchased house. Getting it registered is similar to getting a personal business card. The domain name discloses a lot about the company’s website, just by taking a first look at it. If you have plans to generate some presence on the internet, it is important to get one first because it opens up many doorways to many options available on the internet. The importance of a registered name include:

· Builds up credibility for the business

Most of the web hosting companies ensure that the name is properly registered. Having a domain name seeks to offer a professional touch to the business. When an online visitor gets to the company’s website, they normally consider what the name is. This way, they are able to make first impressions about the site. The domain name offers the visitor the impression of the business being large.
· Builds your brand
If you have a brand name or the company name featured here, it will go a long way in reinforcing the brand value. This helps to increase the awareness of the brand. Online visitors get an opportunity to know about the name of the brand while taking care to remember the name for future visits. The brand name can be remembered easily making them to transfer it to other people when they are

· Gives you uniqueness

Having a registered name is similar to owning your own apartment as opposed to a rented one. You get to own it rather than share a name with a few more people. In contrast to sharing another person’s website, such as a free website to launch the business’s website, the URL will clearly show that you are riding on another person’s website. Many online visitors find this rather dubious and therefore, they often avoid such websites.
· Search engines offer importance to websites that have unique domain names

Search engines attach great importance to domain names, giving preference to the website that feature a unique domain name as opposed to websites that have sub domains or names which are part of other domain names. Some of the search engines offer more significance to the home page. Therefore, when you have a home page that runs under a unique domain name, the website is likely to generate higher ranking.


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