How To Banish Depression For Ever From Your Life

Life is the most beautiful gift of all that nature has given to us. It is sacred . It is to be cherished , enjoyed and lived up to the full but unfortunately by thinking un happy and negative thoughts , we make a mess of it. It becomes a prepetual trauma then and threre seems to be no way out. The good news is that there is a very simple tecnique that can tranform you in minutes and make you feel happy again.

In fact, depression belongs to the realm of the past ; just as stress and anxiety belong to the future. Wheras, the fact of the matter is that there is no past or future. Yes, that is true. The only reality is NOW or the present moment. Past is a fallacy; so is the future. Our mind constantly takes us to these times to confuse us.

If you really want a permanent cure for depression ; such a cure that is everlasting; a cure that is for ever; then concencentrate fully on the present. There is no other time avialble to us except this very moment when I am writing this article or when you are reading it.

Remember: past is gone for ever and so is depression. By the way depression itself is a fallacy , a fake thing , an illusion just like the past on which it feeds. Just close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing for a minute or so. You will be in present. Now ask yourself sincerely : is there any thing to be worried or depressed about right NOW?- please note that the emphasis is on NOW- the anser will be no. This is because depressions and worries cannot exist in the NOW. They feed on time. They require time to make somone feel miserable wheras NOW is a timeless state . It is a thoughtles state of eternal bliss and joy.

In short , do not listen to your mind . Just concentrate fully in the NOW till you have no more thoughts and then see for yourself that you will feel enegetic and an inner feeling of joy will embrace you.

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