How To Download Mozilla Firefox Without Using Internet Explorer ?

There was a time when Microsoft internet explorer was an only and single web browser to browse the internet . If you had used Microsoft internet explorer,You would have known so well that How much does it irritate you ? And then Firefox came into the world of the internet ,it was 23 september 2002, Serious internet users found the Firefox much better than Microsoft internet explorer.Firefox is a better web browser in every matter than Microsoft internet explorer.And after a very short time of period Firefox became every internet user’;;s favorite web browser.And after 11 years even Firefox is still a one of the most used and popular web browsers.

Often we have to need to perform a clean Windows installation and certainly we need to use Microsoft internet explorer to download Firefox for installing it in our newly installed Windows,You would have heard a joke about Microsoft internet explorer’;;s usefulness “Microsoft internet explorer is a tool to download your favorite web browser after a clean Windows installation” Lol.

If you are one of those internet users who don’;;t like Microsoft internet explorer,even don’;;t prefer it to download Firefox installer after clean installation .I am quite sure my this article can help you in this regard and after reading this article you will become able to download Firefox installer without using or opening Microsoft internet explorer.

There is a simple solution that save the Firefox installer in your PC’;;s hard drive before going towards clean Windows installation .Suppose in a case you forgot to save the Firefox installer then I have a working but very simple solution .So follow carefully below instructions.

After performing clean Windows installation open up Windows explorer(I mean to any folder,My computer,My document) type below url into Windows Explorer’s address bar and then hit “Enter”.(during this,make sure you are connected with internet)

Okey,now navigate to the following folder,


You will in this latest version of Firefox,there are two types of file formats,.exe and .exe.asc.You are willing to use Firefox in Windows therefore you need .exe file.Copy it and paste it in your favorite location.And you can install Firefox without using Microsoft internet explorer.

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