How to Reclaim Organic Keywords & Rankings

This post from Emma North, Digital Marketing Executive at Koozai, explains how to use the Search Queries Report in Google Webmaster Tools to reclaim organic keyword data lost to (not provided).

This report has been there in Google Webmaster Tools for a long time but after some recent improvements and the rise in (not provided) it has become far more useful. It is now the only place you can gather good organic keyword insight, albeit only approximations.

You can also use this report to monitor keyword rankings and gather valuable insight into user behaviour in search. Learn more about how users interact with your search result in the SERPs, or perhaps how many don’;;t.

There are a number of filters available on the Search Queries Report which help you to drill down the data and learn more specific nuggets of information to help your search engine optmisation campaign. Try filtering by country and find out how your rankings and performance varies.

Make sure to use the date range selector to browse data from different time periods. You can export data from one month into a spreadsheet and then do the same for the previous month. From there, look over the data in the spreadsheet to see what’;s changed. Maybe some keywords are performing better while others are losing traction. This can give you valuable insight for your search engine optimisation.

Unfortunately this report is not without restrictions. The data is only approximate and you can only look back three months at present, although this is likely to increase over the next few months.

If you haven’;t used the Search Queries Report in some time it is definitely worth checking out again. You may be surprised at how much information and insight you can gather.

Check out the post by Emma North and leave a comment at the end of it to share your thoughts on the report and other ways to beat (not provided).

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