Differences Between Vine and Instagram

Vine is a mobile social media network that allows registered users to share with the world short video clips of randoms things that is going on in their lives, similar to a more popular network like Youtube. It is simple to use all you have to do is press down on your mobile devices screen to record a short video. After using this network I’;ve experienced some dis-advantages you can’;t tap to focus when recording videos because your actually tapping on the recording screen so you can’;t tap to focus and you have to rely on the “auto focus” on your smartphone. It’;s a really simple recording interface and after recording video you can add caption, location and post it on Vine and other social media networks like Twitter and Facebook .

Instagram is the most popular out of the two and with Instagram you to have a lot more features than Vine, you can take regular pictures and add filters just like the old Instagram but now it allows you to record videos. One huge difference between Vine and Instagram is that Instagram can record 15 second videos 9 seconds more than Vine. Unlike Vine, Instagram allows you to tap to focus when you record a video. After you record a video you can also add filters similar to one where you would add filters to your photo. Another useful feature on Instagram video is that you can delete a clip or a portion of the video by tapping the “x” botton. So if you don’;t like certain clips or portions of you’;re video you don’;t have to re-record the whole thing You can also choose your “cover photo” which is basically your thumbnail for your instagram video you can add a caption similar to Vine, you can photo map and you also get a few more sharing options.
Another difference between the two is that on Vine after recording and playing the video repeats by itself so it’;s like a “gif”, but on Instagram after the video finishes it will stop automatically. On both Vine and Instagram you can simply tap on the video to pause it.

After using both Vine and Instagram as my primary video recording tools it seems as though Vine is more about sharing short video clips with your mobile phone and Instagram has more to do with photo-sharing and short video clips with the option of using both a mobile device and a desktop giving users a better experience. In my opinion I think that Instagram is much more useful if you are highly interested in video sharing online the biggest difference is 6 seconds verses 15.    

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