Tablet Vs Laptop

Some people would rather choose a tablet than a laptop because of the lighter weight. If you just wanted to grab it and go, or to show picture slides, videos or anything on the internet the tablet would be a better choice.
There is a greater chance that your laptop will have more options and a bigger screen than a tablet, however if your laptop just hasn’;t got the energy to do the job you can easily upgrade it for a small price. On the other hand upgrading your tablet is not an easy task because it’;s not available everywhere and more expensive to do oppose to upgrading your laptop. With a variety of ports that you will find on a laptop you can plug in other smaller devices like USB, Flashdrives and SD cards. In my opinion as the tablet industry grows so will the variety of ports which will eventually get the newer tablets an edge over the competition.

Both a tablet and a laptop can do basic things such as typing text documents and checking e-mails however on a laptop you are going to get the option of a physical keyboard with the tablet you are mainly stuck with a touchscreen. Most people would rather have a physical keyword than an onscreen keyboard, by touching the wrong section of the screen it could cost you alot of time and work. This may come as a surprise to you but I discovered that using the internet on a tablet is more comfier than using a laptop. I feel that I can have the entire tablet in almost any angle and with a laptop I am limited to one angle.

Gaming on a laptop is better than a tablet, mainly because of the screen real estate and the physical mass in keyword. Most gamers are used to playing games on a fixed screen that is big enough to get the full experience of the game. However do not rule the tablet out of gaming because as the gaming systems become more internet based it might be more useful to download games instead of the plug-in-play systems, I believe in the future the tablet could be very high in the ranks of gaming with a few more adjustments and features.

After using both a Laptop and a Tablet for over 5 years in my opinion the Tablet is the lacking a full operating system which is pretty annoying to be stuck with just a mobile operating system which stops the tablet from being as good as a laptop on what could be a much more amazing device. A great advantage that the tablet as over the laptop is that because the tablet is on a mobile only operating system it is less likely to crash. Both pieces of technology are brilliant for what they are designed to do, the tablet is amazing for internet browsing on-the-go and for checking emails with a few basic gaming applications to keep you busy during bored moments, but has so much more potential. However if I wanted to view full sized websites, advanced gaming, with all the features and a really nice application for a PC I could only do that on a laptop because of the available full operating system. Until the tablet provides a full operating system whether it’;s on Mac OS10 , or Windows7 the winner goes to the laptop.

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