Comets,are they ill omen?

In India comets are considered as ill omen, the bringer of destruction. If in the sky they are visible that means impending doom is approaching for the area. How far is it correct? Let’s see comet PANSTARRS was shown bright over our earth this March-April and this year monsoon was early in Himalayan ranges and brought the Kedarnath tragedy. Then the 7.3 magnitude earth quake in Belochistan . Logically speaking they are mare coincidence, but are these phenomenons influenced by a comet?

Like everybody knows comets are icy bodies, which kept on loosing the water vapor till its heads of to far reaches. So does it influence water vapor content in our atmosphere? Does our earth pull some of the vapors present in the comet by gravity while passing through its tail?

It is speculated that the gravitational pull of sun and moon has some effect on occurrence of earth quakes. So does the comet disrupt the gravitational balance in the solar system and on earth to trigger earth quakes?

We all know that big size comets only get visible to our naked eye, so does the size of comet had an impact over these natural disasters?

To answer these questions, the amounts of water vapor present in comet’s tail or remnants are too few to have an influence in the atmosphere to trigger a cloud burst. This case Global warming is more of a culprit than the comet.

The size of comet is very small compared to earth, sun and moon, so scientifically gravitational pull depends on the mass of comet. So as it is very small gravitational pull is also very small, almost negligible, so triggering earth quakes is a far fetched deduction. In this case the plate tectonic movement of Indian plate with respect to Eurasian plate is to blame.

So people comets are not bad. They are the heavenly visitors, who come to illuminate our night sky for a short duration.

So try knowing their behavior and of course enjoy the sky watch.

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