A Romantic Getaway in the 2-3 Berth Cruisin’ Sandpiper

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway for two, look no further than the 2-3 Berth Sandpiper motorhome, perfect for experiencing all of Australia’s main attractions and sights. Book a Sandpiper with Cruisin’ Motorhomes and embark on a romantic adventure with your significant other today.

The Sandpiper is intricately designed to cater to couples seeking a sleek and modern home away from home and a comfortable base to explore the nearby lures. The interior of this adaptable vehicle is spacious and has a convenient walk-through area between the driver’s and main cabin.

“The the 2-3 Berth Sandpiper motorhome is a roomy option for couples who want a comfortable motorhome with a range of facilities. It is just as easy as a hotel room but is also mobile as well. There is more than enough room for a couple to enjoy each other’s company but have space as well,” said Brett Lucas, manager of Cruisin’ Motorhomes.

The Cruisin’ Sandpiper is equipped with all the features that guarantee a hassle-free motorhome holiday. There is a clean and modern toilet on-board and a shower with that important hot water access.  Couples will love the kitchen on-board this motorhome with a 3 burner gas stove, 80 litre fridge/freezer and all the appliances and cutlery they need to enjoy a romantic home-cooked dinner for two at the motorhome’s spacious dining table. Guests of Cruisin’ have the bonus option of hiring an outdoor chair and table setting to enjoy dinner under the stars.

“We get a lot of couples hire from us and most of them take the Sandpiper because it is the perfect size and it’s easy to drive. It’s an automatic vehicle with power steering and has great fuel consumption. We get great feedback about the Sandpiper,” commented Brett.

Couples can explore all of Australia’s most romantic destinations including the secluded beaches of Queensland’s Coast perfect for scenic walks and mesmerising sunsets and hidden wilderness attractions in Tasmania specialising in therapeutic natural treatments and spas. There is no shortage of fantastic activities ideal for couples.

“Australia is a great place to visit on your honeymoon or just a holiday. You’ve got the stunning Whitsunday Islands which are perfect for champagne sunsets and exploring the Great Barrier Reef. Tasmania is also fantastic for couples as it is home to many adventure activities and natural sights. Who wouldn’t want to experience the magic of Wineglass Bay lookout with their significant other?” said Brett.

At night the motorhome converts into a cosy bedroom with the living room table swiftly transforming into a spacious double bed, ideal for two. Travellers can entertain themselves with the on-board television and fall asleep watching their favourite DVDs.

“Sleeping in the Sandpiper motorhome is like sleeping in any comfortable room. There are lights so you can read and all your linen is provided. The bed is roomy and has more than enough space for you and your partner. At night you can lie back, relax and just enjoy the privacy of the Sandpiper,” said Brett.

The Sandpiper is also equipped with both heating and air-conditioning to set the vehicle at a temperature that is comfortable for the climate you are in.

“In the warmer climates you can easily cool the vehicle while in cooler climates like Tasmania during winter you can easily heat the Sandpiper,” said Brett.

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