Crappy Password Recovery Tools

Password Recovery

Now you are probably thinking this article will show you how to crack your friends password. But it is meant to be right the opposite of it. There 100′;s of fake password recovery tools out there. They claim to bruteforce or break into facebooks database and get your password, but often they are nothing but empty trash. In fact they contain viruses, trojaners and other stuff you do not want to have on your computer. Additionally, you often have to give them your mobile number in some download portal helping you to loose some money.

So is this actually worth it? Ask yourself is surfing in the net for viruses really your goal in life. Probably it is not, so I recommend you just stay away from trying to be a “copy” hacker. Instead try to be authentic and maybe even a real one. So start on a platform to get to know over common exploits and build up a reasonable knowledge. For example you can start with simple tools like THC-Hydra or Brutus. These are common tools under hackers which bruteforce the password client side and are therefore in most countries not illegal. Afterwards you can get to the really crazy hacking stuff. But please note that sever side exploits are illegal and can get you a visit in prison for up to 10 years.

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