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I herby take the chance to make a little advertisement for my new (well new its 1 year old) free blog host Xobler. This free blog maker is wordpress based and has plenty of features. I dont want to sound to spammy, but I have tried many bloghosting platforms (like this one for instance) in the last couple of years, but non of them had the features i wanted to have or i need. The idea behind Xobler was to create a free blog hosting platform which stands up against the rest of free hosting sites and to create something which is of real use for webmasters.

So i started installing plugins which every affiliate webmaster needs. Recently I have added Jetpack to Xobler or Cybersyn plugin which both enable you to parse RSS feeds and automatically make blog posts out of it. Especially Cybersyn plugin comes with a built in Text Spinner and is of the legendary creator of auto blog software (also a plugin) CyberSEO. Another awesome feature of Xobler is that you can autopost your blogposts to Twitter, Facebock and yes to Tumblr. That means each time you write a post on your Xobler Free Blog it auto posts it to Tumblr.

Every pro webmaster has (or should have dozens or hundreds of tumblr accounts) which is great for generating traffic. In case you have a couple of Tumblr acccounts, just copy and paste the api into xobler (cybersyn plugin) and each and everytime you make a new blogpost to your Xobler free blog it will be automatically posted to your one or many Tumblr blogs.

Needless to say that Xobler offers another great variety of wordpress plugins and also a huge variation of themes (Xobler especially has a lot of magazine style and grid style themes)

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