Cikaso waterfall

Cikaso waterfall is actually named Luhur waterfall , flowing from creeks Cikaso named Cicurug . But by most people , this waterfall is better known as Cikaso waterfall . Cikaso waterfall is formed from three points adjacent waterfall in one location with a pond at the bottom there is the color of bluish green water . The second point of the waterfall can be seen clearly while one is partially hidden by the cliff overlooking the east . Each one has the name of each waterfall . The left- named waterfall Asepan , middle and right meow named waterfall waterfall named Aki . The third waterfall has a height of about 80 meters with a ridge width of about 100 m .

Distance of about 8 kilometers from Surade , 15 kilometers from Jampang Kulon , 32 kilometers from the Edge tiles , and about 110 kilometers from the city of Sukabumi . Or + / – 70 km from Palabuhanratu . Generally, trips to the waterfall Cikaso Surade begins from a small town which takes about half an hour travel time ( a distance of about 8 km ) with a two- or four- wheel vehicle to arrive at the junction of Jalan Cikaso with winding roads .
Intersection of three ( as driveways and parking space for the carrying vehicle ) trip continued to walk about 400 meters to the site through rice paddies and fields of population . Or also can use the boat down the river Cikaso takes about 5 minutes from the dock . Canoe rental price of around Rp . 60.000/sampan ( for 6-8 passengers ) .

Facilities include food stalls and there are a few stalls selling souvenirs . Also there are two toilets . Unfortunately there is not trash so much garbage strewn everywhere . In addition to the waste generated by stalls and visitors this waste also comes from the overflow of river water upstream waterfall that brought heavy rain and flooding while . Enjoy the journey to the waterfall , waterfall Luhur Cikaso . To get to the location , you can walk or ride a small boat through the river escorted by the local community . What an exciting experience while enjoying the surrounding scenery is unspoiled .
Location : Kampung Ciniti , Cibitung Village , District Surade , Sukabumi , West Java – Indonesia
Coordinates : 7 ° 21 ‘;;; 40.13 ” S 106 ° 37 ‘;;; 3.88 ” E

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