The Charming experience of travelling in Makruzz Ship between Port Blair and Havelock Island.

Makruzz ship takes passengers from Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar Islands to Havelock Islands. The ship is an air-conditioned luxury ship catered towards the interest of tourists.

There are two separate floors in the Makruzz Ship.  Tourists can choose the seating arrangement of either of those two floors.

The security arrangements are also very tight. Separate paper work is required to be done for passengers carrying cabin luggage and cargo luggage. There is separate section of the ship which carries only luggages of passengers.

Although the period of journey is not very long, it takes roughly 2hours to reach Havelock Island from Port Blair, yet there are lot of arrangements for refreshment. Passengers can have tea, coffee, snacks, chocolates, sweets and other things with the Makruzz Ship.

The scenery of the Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean is lovely. The blue seas, the bright sun, the beautiful islands create a very romantic scene.

There is also TV provided within the ship. The history and evolution of different tribes staying in different islands in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, like Ross Island, Viper Island, Coral Island, Jollybouy Island, Red Skin Island, Havelock Island, are shown in the TV. It is a very enriching experience for the viewers.

There is only one concern, in case the sea is rough, due to cyclones, and storms, the travellers can have sea-sickness. Paper bags are given to passengers in case they vomit in the Ship.

If travellers want to travel from Port Blair to Havelock Island they should avail of the Makruzz Ship.


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