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If you are new to the entire Cloud concept, then you are probably wondering what Cloud server is hosting. Well, to provide you with a basic answer to that, a Cloud hosting server is a mainframe computer used for the purpose of hosting web sites. But that’;;;s not all they can do. They also run as what is called software-independent units. This just means that a Cloud server has all the software in needs to run efficiently and effectively and does not rely on any centrally-installed software. Listed below are some of the benefits of using a Cloud hosting server for your business:

Cloud Server Benefits

1. Freedom — With Cloud server hosting, you have the freedom to alter all the server software to fit your business needs.

2. Security and stability — What this essentially translates to mean is that other cloud servers can’;;;t harm your server and neither can your server harm theirs. Thus, your business is protected. If a software problem should occur, it is immediately isolated to your environment. Plus, if other users overload their Cloud servers as sometimes happens, this won’;;;t affect yours in any way because resources are dedicated and your stability is guaranteed.


3. Financial savings — Cloud servers have a top rate stability/cost ratio performance. They don’;;;t have the usual server hardware problems that other servers do, and they are stable, fast and extremely secure.


4. Economic efficiency — It’;;;s a fact that Cloud servers give you more value for your money than the standard dedicated servers. For a similar price, if you choose a cloud server for your business needs you will receive more resources and your server will be faster. Make the comparison yourself and you will see that this is correct.


5. Easy to Upgrade — Last but not least, with a Cloud server it is remarkably easy and fast to upgrade as well as in general being less expensive to use.

Cloud technology also provides storage facility in the form called Cloud file storage, or otherwise known as (CFS). This is essentially a storage service that is provided over the Internet, billed on a pay-per-use basis and has a structure based on common file level protocols, for example, Server Message Block (SMB) and Common Internet File System (CIFS). It all comes down to this: the two main types of cloud storage services are Cloud file storage and cloud block storage. You will find that most cloud storage services, which also include cloud backup services, use file storage architecture.
The best Cloud storage for unstructured data or semi-structured data — documents, spreadsheets, etc. — would be CFS. To deal with extremely large files, for example, databases, block storage architecture is better in order to maintain a satisfactory level of performance. Unfortunately, only a few cloud storage services offer block storage. This is because the bandwidth needed to traverse the cloud would probably not be enough to keep up acceptable database performance.

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