Travel Tips for The Beginner Traveller and Tourist

Travel Light!

That about sums up all advice related to going to new places near and far. Lets see what that phrase actually means. When going to see a new place, the first thing to pack, is a spirit of adventure. ‘;;I dislike feeling at home when i’;;m abroad’;;  said the world renowned playwright Geaorge Bernard Shaw.What he meant was travel is supposed to inspire a sense of curiosity for the world outside and for all things new, we are supposed to keeps our minds open to new places and experiences. When you have that down, everything else is a breeze!.

Now that we have the right mindset for setting afoot into new places, we have to make sure we carry the materials we require so that our enthusiasm isn’;;t dampened by that sweater we forgot to pack or the cap for the strong summer Sun. The first thing we need to do is make a list of all the material and non material things we need to bring along for out trip to wherever we are going. This gives us an idea of what we need helps us prioritize and keeps us from missing out important items.

Begin with the most important items being your clothes and toileteries. While choosing clothes make sure the clothes are light and suitable for any kind of weather. This can be done by playing around with the number of clothes and the material. For example cotton clothes are light and fit for any weather yet they can be piled on during sudden onset of cold  weather or worn as required when it is warmer outside. Pack heavier clothes carefully, for example raincoats are necessary only if the place you are visiting is sure to have regular rainfall during your stay, else you can just pack an umbrella and so on and so forth.

It is also good to carry your own soap and toothbrush and towel wherever you go for u know not with whom you may have to ( and sometimes without you knowing it!) share it with. Portable soap and Hand sanitizers are also very handy when on the move.

Electronics and other technologies should be carried with sparingly to avoid damage and theft. Same goes for money. Although your cellphone, Camera and mp3 player are necessary evils that will have to come along.

It is also wise to carry first aid medication in a portable pack holdong medication for the digestive system or pain and bandaids , antiseptic etc.

Last but not nearly the least the way you pack your luggage is of great importance. The heaviest items should be on the bottom and the lightest on top. The items you would need frequently can conveniently be carried in a small backpack instead of a suitcase. Clothes should be rolled to save space in the luggage. And all this should be planned in advance so that you aren’;;t googling for an article to help you pack at the very last minute!! 😉

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