Identity theft myths and protection

These days crime rate is getting increase rapidly. People do a lot of efforts to get save from criminals but even after this dare of criminals are increasing. Stealing someone’s identity to opt a crime is called identity theft.   Identity theft is growing rapidly these days.  A criminal has a lot of things to do with your Identity. Doing crime is a lot easy if you have any other’s identity to use. There are less chances of being caught.
 Identity theft is a growing issue. A criminal can use that in many ways. He can empty your bank accounts or he can use your identity in performing a crime. People are still not aware of identity theft. In this blog I want to share some myths about identity theft-

It can’t be done with me- This is necessary to understand that it can be done with anybody who is having careless nature. If you haven’t face it even after being careless about your identity then you should consider yourself lucky but it does not mean that you will be lucky in future also.

Criminal do not know their target- If you are hiving this mentality then you are totally wrong. In maximum of the cases a person who has some relation with victim does this kind of frauds. So one should keep secure his username, password, social security number and other personal information. Do not trust anyone.

Identity theft cases occur online- Every second person is having this kind of thoughts about identity theft. They just keep safe their online information. This is not enough, one has to take care of his office confidential waste too.

Protection of social security number is enough- It is necessary to protect your social security number but this is not enough. One has to do some more efforts to protect him from fraud. This is also necessary to protect other confidential information.

How to fight with Identity theft-

This is necessary to follow some points to avoid identity theft.

Don’t carry your checkbook with you every time- This is not a good habit. If you want to give someone money then it is good to find another alternative way for that. Don’t’ sign any check until you are totally sure that you want to pay.

Monitor your bank transactions and credit card details- This is a necessary thing to monitor the bank transactions details of your account and keep checking the credit card statements. This will let you know that if there is anything wrong or not.

Change you passwords- This is a good habit. One should keep changing his passwords time to time.

Shred confidential waste– This is necessary to shred all unnecessary documents which are not in use. Do not throw them directly into dustbin because anyone can get them easily. Always shred all your unwanted mails and credit card applications. Anyone can get you pre issued credit card form. He just have to sign that with you signature. You can buy an office document shredder for shredding all these things. Shredding documents is also an eco friendly act. People can save a lot of trees by using shredders. Before few months a shredding event was held in Newport Beach, America. After calculation It was concluded that more than 13 trees got save by that event only. Now it is easy to understand that how much important shredding is.  So buying a shredder is a good thing.

This is necessary to keep identity theft away from yourself. This can create big troubles for you and your family.

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