The ultimate Thai sex guide to Thailand

Before I share my knowledge of everything I know about sex in Thailand let me tell you about how it came to be that i ended up living in Thailand having sex with hookers doing nothing but hanging out at Pattaya beach and Bangkok while I keep waiting for something to happen to me.

If you’;;re a little apparent about going to Thailand don’;;t worry I know what the people are going to say back home that you just want to go out and bust a nut on a buch of Thai whores. Truth is you might be looking for love in Thailand or you might just be looking to get scored.

It doesn’;;t cost much to have sex in Thailand with a Thai whore well in the beginning anyway you might even find out that in the long run having sex with Thai hookers can really be something that can get way out of control on the expenses.

Thai girls are expert manipulators and will make you believe that they are in love with you but really all they are looking at you like an ATM machine.Keep your guard up in thailand because lots of stuff can happen to you that you don’;;t even really know what’;;s going on.

I once had a Thai hooker say to me that she knew what was going on but really she had no idea that all i was doing was paying for sex. I didn’;;t want a girlfriend in fact i’;;m allready married and going back to american because I don’;;t have enough money to live in Thailand.

Sex in Thailand is easy to find

If you’;re thinking about a sex tour or a sex holiday to Thailand then you should concider that it’;s one of the easiest places to get laid in the world. Seriously! I’;d never had so much sex in my life until I came to Thailand. Even though sex is available everywhere in thailand doesn’;t mean that it’;s open either. Thai people are still a repressed people and actually being sexual in Thailand is frowned up so is showing your skin. 

Just because you can’;t openly discuss sex in Thailand doesn’;t mean you can’;t express your sexuality. In Thailand you are free to and as most people do express your sexuality. You probably know about ladyboys but there are also Toms Gays and Dees. Toms are the butch lesbians and Dees are the lipstick lesbians. Gays are normal and you can find anything you want in Thailand

How much it costs for Thai Hookers

There are three types of Thai hookers

  • street hookers
  • shop hookers
  • private hookers

Yes there are bar girls (shop hookers) there are beach road girls in pattaya (street hookers) same on suhkhimvit road in Bangkok and you have escort companies (private) and various girls on dating sites (private). So as you can see we’;ve broken down the thai hooker into those 3 categories.

Street Hookers in Thailand

The lowest of the low in Thailand street hookers are misfortuned and out of luck, lots of young Thai girls who can’;t yet work in a bar (legally have to be 20 to work the bar) so they end up working the streets since they can’;t go anywhere. Usually these girls are not alone there is someone out there looking after them as well.

Bar girls Hookers in Thailand

Bar girls are in the same class as go go girls even if one shoots a ping pong ball out of her or not. They all work in a shop and most are always hanging out till the end of the month so they can get paid and life can continue on as normal for them sending money back to home, chatting on skype to some guy in England so that he’;ll send over some money as well.

Private Hookers in Thailand

There are plenty of escort agencies in Bangkok and some of the other tourist areas as well. There is also what is called sideline girls these girls are concidered paid bangs for the night or few hours. Entertaining if you have the money to spare

How to get free sex from a Thai Girl

Lots of guys have asked me this questions since i’;ve been living in Thailand for 10 years now and the simple truth is nothing is for free. You can still get laid spending absolutely nothing provided you’;ve met the girl before but usually it might cost 40 baht or so to get it happening this is because you need to make Thai girls comfortable with you.

Many Thai girls have never even been with a Farang (foreigner) before so they continue to be pretty much scared about the whole deal. Thai girls arn’;t easy in the fact that if they are scared you have no hope. So it’;s often better to be able to speak Thai fluently let them eat whatever they want to eat and be as nice as possible. These are the ways to a Thai girls heart and into her legs.

What you want to do when you first meet a Thai girl is give her a small little present. In Thailand this is a sign of your intention. If you’;ve never met the girl before put your phone number in there and it may attact her better. You can find good girls at malls i suggest you go to the perfume section of the central malls because the girls are hot and guys hardly ever go in there to pick up. The girls love it and it’;s easy to pull free Thai sex from them.

Online Dating Sites in Thailand

If you arn’;t online dating in 2013 then I don’;t know where you have been for the past 10 years because it’;s been all the rage and no signs of letting up. Can you believe i even met a Thai hooker who was internet dating. Actually let me rephrase that I met Thai hookers yes that’;s right heaps of them fishing on the Thai dating sites. How amazing is that but you might not be after a Thai prostitute but looking to find a good Thai girl.

If you want a nice Thai girl then I suggest you seriously invest some time and money into online dating sites. The Thai dating sites are really good especially one called Thai Love Links which is probably the best dating site that I’;ve ever used in Thailand because it has the most girls and the photos of the girls that live in Bangkok are amazing.

Dating in Bangkok online is a lot of fun you can literally have a date lined up every single day, until the weekend comes and you’;ll find yourself overwhelmed with girls that you’;ll come up with all these excuses why you’;re not able to meet them turning off your phone. This is the kind of problems sex tourists have in Thailand and to a fair extent Sexpats I think someone named it.

Final Thoughts on Sex in Thailand

In all honesty Thailand gets a bad rap as the words largest brothel because it’;s not really as bad as the media make you think. You can live your life day in day out and not even see any of the prostitution that does go on. It’;s out of the way a little bit even though the ladyboys stick out.

I remember one time I took my new girlfriend down to Pattaya and we decided to walk along the beach. It was a few days later that she commented on how many people are hanging out at the beach and we should hang out there too. I then told her that all those women “hanging out” underneath the coconut trees are in fact Thai prostitutes waiting for some guy to ask the preverbial “how much?”.

It was cute to see her brain working for a change but it just goes to show that even Thai people are ignorant of what the sex scene in Thailand is like. Me i’;ve seen it all and done it all. From thai brothels to karaoke parlors and gclubs so expensive you’;d fall over if I told you how much you actually spend with membersihps to these and soapy massage parlors.

Thailand is however one of the most amazing countries i’;ve ever visited and i’;ve been all over the world. Even if you’;re not looking for a sex holiday to Thailand there are still so many awesome and wonderful things you can do in this unbelieveable country that you must buy a plane ticket as soon as you can and make the most adventure amazing trip of your life. Me I’;ll be here somewhere in Thailand having sex with as many hookers as i can find.

One more thing if you read this article and it didn’;t make sense don’;t worry because it’;s not something that i do all the time that is writing. But if you could make sense of it then please do me a favour and share it with your friends.

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