The Gothic Lolita mystery revealed

It was beautiful.

Dark and mysterious, seductive and alluring, this gothic Lolita costume was literally calling out to me.

The cup cake like skirts were flowing, the rumples adorable; it wasn’t revealing either. The cute ribbons were all in the right places and I…

I fell in love with it.                                    

And I just knew one thing.

I had to have it.

Gothic Lolita is a type of fashion culture that originated from Japan, based on ideas of Victorian era clothing. However, now the culture has spread to many other countries on the face of the earth. Popularised by anime and by Japanese pop bands, this style now boasts of many followers and many brands catering exclusively to it. The fashion, however, is more popular among women than men, and all major brands develop more women’s Lolita dresses than men’s.

Even in the Lolita style, there are various categories which have distinct characteristics. The first, and perhaps the most notable, is the gothic Lolita style which is characterised by dark and mysterious colours accompanied by smoky, black eye makeup and pale facial makeup. This is the most intriguing and the most popular Lolita style, perfect for stage performances and spooky Halloween parties.

Then comes the sweet Lolita style, characterised by sweet, light colours like light pink, rose, pearl and white. They may also be accompanied by designs of flowers, fruit themes or cupcakes on the dresses.

There is also the classic Lolita style which is some sort of hybrid between the gothic Lolita style and the sweet Lolita style, but isn’t as dark as the gothic one or as sweet and cutesy as the sweet one.

Most Lolita costumes are accompanied by a really cute umbrella or hair ribbon that exactly matches the design and ruffles on the dress. They decidedly give a dark or more mysterious look to the gothic Lolita costume and a sweeter look to the sweeter one.

Lolita costumes can be bought online; they can even be found in departmental stores in Japan; the culture has also invaded almost all countries of the world, with stores being opened in Paris, Norway, UK and many other parts of Europe. There are several international brands that sell such apparel like The Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty and Moi-meme-moitie (Japanese brand by Mana). Japanese brands often scoff at these international brands saying that their quality is not as good and that their portrayal of the Lolita culture as inaccurate. However, these international brands have certainly done a great deal in popularising the culture and marketing the products all over the world.

There is a book called the Gothic and Lolita Bible which describes all the types and styles of Lolita dresses available. Sadly, it is available only in Japanese, though rare book collectors may chance to have a copy of the English version in their possession.

Whatever it is, I really do believe that the Lolita fashion culture is not only just cute and beautiful; it represents a creative side of the human mind through clothing. I hope that this article could persuade you to buy a Lolita costume or at least research more on them. And trust me, once you set eyes on a Lolita, you can’t go away without buying it! It’s perfect for Halloween parties and the like. Try it, wear it, and love it!

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