Monochrome Madness

Monochrome is HUGE this year. I mean, when isn’;;;t it? Not only does monochrome look extremely good. It’;;;s also very flattering, it makes you look slimmer. Although monochrome is usually everything the exact same shade, it sometimes looks better if you accesorize with a different shade of the colour. For example: Your whole outfit is dark green, but you compliment it with accessories that are a lighter shade of green. 


People thing that black and white is boring … well it’;;;s most definitely not. If you know the right things to wear, it’;;;s certainly NOT boring!! Colourful clothes look beautiful, but a black blouse with detailed buttons looks even better. Not only does it look good, but it will never go out of fashion. Also, what looks better than a black and white outfit finished with a nice red lip? NOTHING. Monochrome also looks amazing with leather. Not only does it look smart and sophisticated, but it also gives that quirky edge to it.

A lot of people are too scared to wear an all black outfit. They’;re affraid it looks boring and maybe gothic. All black doesn’;t always have to come accross like that. If you wear it the right way you can look like a style icon in minutes. Black can be worn for ANY occassion. Whether it be a work night out, or a girls night out. Black always looks incredible. 

Wearing all black on a casual day out may make you stand out a little from your friends in their summery colours and pastel combinations, but you will also probably look the best. Black gives off an impression of being scary, but thats only if you wear it incorrectly. Do it right and you will OWN the monocrhome look.  The outfits below are just a few ideas of a monochrome look you could create just for a casual day out.

These are just a few ideas of a monochrome outfit you could wear on a casual day out.


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