It’s About Time You Get Familiar With Vine

What is Vine and why is it so popular? The buzz around this new social platform will likely hang around for awhile, especially since it recently overtook Instagram in total number of Twitter shares. Why would a network that came out of nowhere surpass one of the fastest growing photo sharing networks? The answer is simple actually. Vine capitalized on user preference for video, which is the basis of the application.

Fruit of the Vine

Since landing on the social media scene, Vine has certainly earned its place and made its presence known. It works around the same principle of photo sharing applications, but is used strictly for videos. The unique thing about these videos is that you are only allotted six seconds to capture your video, but you can piece together multiple clips if you so choose. It’s amazing what people can do with those six seconds.

Another interesting fact about Vine is that it is owned by Twitter. It is hardly surprising that Twitter capitalized on this in order to promote the new video application intensely. Their efforts were fruitful too.

Beneficial for Business?

Given the increasing popularity of mobile marketing and mobile apps in the business world, Vine is definitely a worthwhile platform for businesses to implement into their social media strategy. It basically provides a means to deliver free mini commercials to your current and potential customers. People are all about videos these days, so if you do it right, your Vine could go viral.

Although this video sharing application has gained a lot of positive attention since it was first launched, just like anything else, it also comes with some drawbacks. If you want to use Vine for your business, it is important that you are aware of both the pros and cons of this new social media platform.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • According to a recent study conducted in the U.S., the average attention span of an Internet user is 7 seconds. That means 6 seconds is ideal to grab the attention of users and get them interested in your company, but it also forces you to be creative, clear, and concise.
  • Vines can be shared onto other popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, which allows for an even larger potential audience and extended marketing reach.


  • Due to the time restriction, it is almost impossible to create a compelling call to action.
  • Because Vine is still limited to mobile devices, and some features work only on iOS, your audience is limited.

Vine is still in its beginning stages, but it has already proven to be of interest to both consumers and businesses. It will be interesting to see how this video sharing virtual tool progresses. We already saw one major effect take place when Instagram started offering video as a feature of their photo-based application

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