Cameron Highland Malaysia

            Malaysia have various of races and religions include Malays, Indians, Chinese and others.  Because of variety of races and religions, we have different culture, too. We have  different food and festival. Different arent’t bad , we  can live together in peace and harmony.There are 11 states and 3 federal territories in Malaysia. Today I am going to introduce one of the places you should go when travelling in Malayis.

“Tada”,it is Cameron Highlands. Have a cold weather but not too cold for everyday.

           Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s most extensive hill stations,. It is actually developed by British in the 1920s. Boh tea a very famous tea factory in Cameron Highlands. Strawberry farm, butterfly farm, flower farm and many more is in Cameron Highlands.

Butterfly farm
Butterfly farm is famous place in Cameron Highlands. Many different species of butterflies can be seen. Seeing butterfly in open and you can touch it is rare sight nowadays. There are two butterfly farms in Cameron Highlands .
Flower Farm
Cameron Highlands is the leading producer of fresh flowers in Malaysia. At the flower gardens and nurseries, be dazzled with the mix of colors and species being grown here. The common flowers grown here are roses, carnations,chrysanthemum, dalia, geranium, fuschia and gladioli. Flowers at these nurseries are selling cheap compare to other places.
Honey Bee Farm
Honey Bee is scary for several times. There are three popular honey bee farms in the highlands where visitors can get learn about bees and honey production . However you can’ t see honey bee so closely and touch it because bee is really danger.Various honey products can purchase at here.
The popular Bee Farms are :
Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm (near the Kea Farm area)
Highland Honey Bee Farm (along the road to the Boh Tea Plantation)
Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm (Tringkap)
Night Market
Local produce markets can be found all over the highlands and these are one of the spots tourists flock to get everything under one root. There are many of these markets sprouting over the past few years and almost all are located along the main road so you cant miss them. The most popular tourist market is at Kea Farm but you can also find some smaller ones almost everywhere you look. Night Market is open daily.
 There are about 5 Strawberry Farm can be found in Cameron Highlands. All offer locally grown strawberries and home made strawberry jams and a very cheap price. Some strawberry farms will let you pluck your own strawberries and charge you according to the weight. Here is a list of some of the popular strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands :
Big Red Strawberry Farm
Healthy Strawberry Farm
Kasimani’s Strawberry Farm
KHM Strawberry Farm
Raju’s Hill Strawberry Farm
Boh Tea Plantations
Boh Tea plantations is one of the main attraction place that must be have a look. You can visit the factories to learn about the tea making process and you can also sit down and enjoy a cup of tea at the cafe. The view overlooking the plantations is beautiful and perfect for the picture album.
BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd is the leading tea grower in Malaysia with four tea gardens – Boh, Sungei Palas and Fairlie situated in Cameron Highlands; and Bukit Cheeding in Selangor – constituting a total land area of 1200 hectares. With a production capacity approaching 3000kgs per hectare, the Company produces 4 million kgs of tea annually which translates to about 5.5 million cups per day. This represents about 70% of all tea produced in Malaysia.
Boh Tea Plantation
The Story of Boh Tea
Sungai Palas Tea Estate
This is another tea plantation owned by Boh and it is located further up north from the mail plantation. A definite must on the list of things to do in Cameron Highlands is a visit to the new Sungei Palas Tea Centre. 
Cameron Valley Tea Plantation
Another tea plantation is located along the main road from Ringlet to Tanah Rata this is a good spot where you can stop and enjoy a scenic view of a tea plantation.  There is ample parking here along the road andthere is also a small tea shoy where you can enjoy a cuppa. This is also a great spot for taking photos.
Vegetable Farms
Vegetable farms are located throughout the highlands and most of the farms allow visitors in. Due to the increasing tourist arrivals, there have been more smaller farms cropping up all over the highlands. These farms produce everything from flowers and vegetables to strawberries. These are primarily for walk in tourists. The other bigger farms which produce vegetables for the nation’s consumptions are usually not on the tourist map and are located in the interiors or Kuala Terla and Bertam Valley.
Visit to organic farms can be arranged by some tour companies.
Time Tunnel Gallery
Time Tunnel Gallery – The Local Museum
If you want to explore the real Cameron Highlands, then a visit to the Time Tunnel Gallery is a must for you. Take a peek into Cameron Highland’s past through the old photographs and stories that many people do not know about. A lot of the photos depicting the past are from personal collections of the locals who’s been here since the pre-war days.You can also see some of the familiar items from the yesteryears. For those who grew up in the 40′s to 80′s, this will be a walk back in memory lane

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