The Importance Of Search Engine Optimization is On The Rise

What functions do the search engines play:  and SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. And nowadays search engine optimization is just prevalent everywhere on the internet.  The search engines have come to exist only recently in the web world. SEO is the procedure of increasing the flow of audience onto a particular web page.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin hatched the concept of a search engine  as early as in nineteen ninety five.  In nineteen ninety seven the term Google (a major search engine in the world ) was coined for the search engine derived from the word Googol, a mathematical term indicating the number one followed by a hundred zeroes. In the September of nineteen ninety eight Google set up its first work station under its name at Susan Wojcicki’s garage. And the world started to talk the language of  search engine and search enginer optimization.

And from the small baby steps that it walked in the September of nineteen ninety eight Google have traversed a long way till today. And the story is no different for other search engines as well. There is also the existence of other search engines like Bing and Yahoo which also are doing a fine job.

The major function of the search engines is varied and complicated. The search engines which are accessible the world over performs the function of crawling, indexing, processing, calculating relevancy and retrieving the web pages when a particular set of keywords are hit on the keyboard. In the beginning, a software called crawler or the spider crawls over a web page to look at the text of the web site and form an idea about what the web site is all about. Next, the web pages are indexed by the search engines. And at the end of the process the search engines returns the web pages to the user according to the relevancy of his search. Google at present has about twenty billion pages. That is a whopping number of web pages to be indexed by any search engine. And you might ask why on earth we should be indexed and show ourselves on the first few pages of the search engine’s results. And it must be said all is in keeping in mind the business that the various companies do over the internet.

What is search engine optimization: The companies who are enlisted in the first few pages of the internet see the maximum number of footfall converting into sales. And doing   search engine optimization is the only method to rank as the top pages of the search engine result page.   A few of the valuable techniques for search engine optimization  will be to write some great content for the web page. Links from other trusted web sites must be procured for a particular web page. Header tags, meta tags, navigation, and site map are all important concepts in search engine optimization.

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