Wear skinny jeans

For the ones who didn’t know, they are present on the fashion market for the last fifty years or more. The jeans appeared in the 50’s, but the 80’s represented their climax. At that time, everybody wore skinny jeans but recreated and painted with chlorine and washed all over again. These days, everybody has at least a pair of skinny jeans, from the rich, the famous, the elderly, the young or the poor. If one wants to wear skinny jeans, she must know that there are several rules. So, it is best for a woman to buy the appropriated jeans and not an undersized pair. Then, the ones with thicker ankles should look after some skinny jeans with zippers. Also, if a woman has short legs she should stay away from Capri and cropped jeans. If she is the possessor of a too long pair of jeans, this shouldn’t be a problem. They are perfect for a pair of boots, for example.

How to wear skinny jeans

Even if it is quite hard to wear skinny jeans, with a little help almost everybody can manage and fit into a pair like this. First of all, this kind of pants must be worn with self-confidence. When a woman goes shopping for skinny jeans she must have in mind a couple of things, like age and the shape of the body. Also, it is important with what the skinny jeans will be accessorized. They should match with the rest of the clothes and the jewelries based on colors and fabrics. If a woman is slim and tall, she might want to look for tight tops, layering, tunic tops and horizontal stripes. For the ones who are not so slim and tall, they should look for bell sleeve tops, for loose shirts and fitted jackets and A line and tunic tops. In addition, the UGG boots are extremely suited for a pair of skinny jeans. In addition, several final style tricks say that dark colors are suited for not so skinny women and well created shoes always fit with a pair of skinny jeans. For a woman who is not a supermodel and has a plus size it is best to give up skinny jeans and to look for straight jeans. Also, don’t wear colors that don’t match with the skin tone and with your body line. 

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