SYBASE IQ 16-Tackling Big Data Head on

Business and technology world is trying in all possible ways to deal with challenges posed by the Big Data. The old data base and computing versions are proving redundant when it comes to data processing at a high volume and velocity. SAP Sybase IQ 16 is one of the few tools out in the market that can take the challenge presented by Big Data head on. It comes with major innovations in all fields of its working including load and query performance, data compression and data protection.

Sybase IQ 16 and Sybase rapid Mart bring about major innovations in fields including performance optimization, data compression and data protection. It is an extreme scale analytics platform for firms who wish to exploit intelligence garnered through huge repositories of data for better business insights and proper market prediction. Some of the features of this tool are described below.

Sybase IQ 16 provides for reduced storage costs by its new data page format which combines fixed and variable length data together to place them in the smallest space possible. The tool also saves space by encoding the look-up tables at the bit level rather than the byte level. Sybase 16 allows for streamlined access and processing by pre-partitioning data and storing them as independent data sets. Bulk loading in SAP Sybase IQ 16 has been reengineered for better supporting parallel operations. The new tiered High Group index provides consistent incremental batch load performance even as the table sizes keep growing. This can act as a base for proper prediction of load rates and finish times.

The tool comes with a row-level in-memory store and therefore it can absorb concurrent updates at high velocities. As such, real-time analysis through hot data can be made possible. The query optimizer within the tool tracks data sets in each IQ server cache in a multiplex grid. The query engine can actively distribute query work based on data affinity. Through Distributed Query Processing (DQP), the user has the option of transmitting intermediate results over the network instead of the shared disk, thereby speeding up query distribution. Sybase IQ 16’s query operators help remote data aggregation with reduced intermediate results sharing by reducing the number of distributed fragments in a query.

All in all, Sybase IQ Rapid mart allows for an easier and more cost-effective process to derive gainful intelligence out of massive amounts of data through sequenced clustering and proper analysis. It also makes sure that these tasks can be undertaken at far higher speeds, sometimes at real-time, so that those decisions can bring better value by their quicker implementation.

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